Diary writing in UNI5 centers - February 2016



26,29th February condensed observation report from both centers: One of the good reports.



Washing soap – cleaning energy of dirt and satins.

Ginger – dry sukku – medicinal energy for digestion.

Electrical energy – light and fan

Real objects

Magnifying lens

Files and folders

Book marker in wood

Role play

Do not be jealous of others.

UNI5 concepts

Lymph vessels

Human body and pancha boothas

Sakthi peetam with new sounds a, a [Long explosive] in Tamil


A small child tried to catch a butterfly and another elder child said that ‘’butterfly is very tiny and soft and we cannot disturb that’’.

When we used Tulsi leaves for poojas a child asked why we have plucked them and she also said that the plant will be hurt. What the teachers have answered?

A 3 year old child told his father tat paddy energy will be transformed to rice energy.

Similarly another child told that egg energy is transformed into new chicken. That child asked us whether all eggs in shops can hatch.

A 4 year old child showed the pictures of farm animals and taught about features, uses to a small child.

A 4 year old child said that he is brushing his teeth daily twice and rubbing with fingers too.

A 4.5 year old child wanted to narrate the legend of Sakthi peetam before we started our lessons.

A 3.5 year old child clearly said that skull saves the brain, stomach saves the liver and  our whole body is connected with nerves.

Immediately another child said that every part of the body is connected to brain by nerves.

A 3 year old child compared ant hill with a big house with many rooms.

When a grandfather asked to serve salt, a 3.5 year old child completely narrated how we get salt from seas and also uses of corals.

A father said that his child is sharing much about picture cards daily at bed time in depth.

A child compared the real ship in video with a huge hill.

A 3 year old child said that without a driver no vehicles can be driven.

A child saw the photo of a wind mill in his father’s diary. He then narrated how they give current and also said that Coimbatore has more wind mills.

Many children understood the use of a book marker.

A 3.5 year old child saw the tiny elephant carving in the book marker and spoke much about the animal.

A child asked us various questions about wood pecker and holes in trees.



Coconut leaves – broom stick – S

Woolen threads – plait kunjalam – C

Real Object

Kalidascope – S

Kambu – millet – C

Role play

Do not cheat others


Composition of air – S

Lymph vessels – C


Children are able to observe the change of energy in day to day life. A child has said that her dress is the energy changed from cotton.

A child said that colors in Kathakali facial are also seen in many objects.

A very small child took the picture book and talked about corals and also spoke about video link.

Many children said that we cannot see air and we can feel it and many said how wind is being generated.

When we showed the photos of food path, many were able to name the organs related with that and also the functioning.

Many children have started even doing their own action game with parts of body.

When we showed pearls in video children compared that to bulb, full moon etc.

A child said that she has seen her mother wearing jadai kunjalam during her wedding time through photos.

A child stringed the beads and said that she has made a pearl chain like her mother’s.

When the cause and effect Kural was recited a 4 year old child clearly gave out the meaning.

When the Tamil sound Uo was introduced with udukkai picture, a child said that Nataraja holds that and make sound from which all sounds came.

We have started introducing one word with many meanings through picture cards.



Alovera – juice – makeup paste – medicine – Sen

Cotton – woven – dress and mats – CBE

Real object

Papaya fruit – Sen

High lighter and marker – CBE

Role play

Do not say lies.


Temple and human body – Sen

Sakthi peetam – CBE

Tulsi Pooja has been done in both centers.


When we gave the names lessons of parts of legs, we said toe and a 3 year old child discovered both hands and legs have a toe and thumb resembling in shape.

A 3.5 year old boy was able to arrange nuts and bolts in ascending order based on size.

A 2.75 year old child said that she has seen similar steps and stair cases in many buildings like our wooden concentric towers of various shapes.

Children are following the learnings of temple worship in reality – parents said.

Yesterday many children have seen the big full moon at night.

A 2.5 year old child said that seeds sprout into new plant.

Many children said that thread energy is changing into dress and mats.

In CBE yesterday night there was forest fire in mountains. Many children saw that and told they are volcanoes.

Fruit’s skin is being compared with our skin.

Children observed video show about penguin and had many discussions.

A 2.5 year old child narrated Dakshayini legend to his friend while waiting to go home.





Today is Maha Magam Festival [For rivers]. It comes once in 12 years. Our centers have celebrated with traditional mood and we showed evolution of life from water.



Seeds – plants – Sen

Camphor – light at darkness – Cbe

Real object

Files and folders – CBE

Clay lamps – Sen [Can do any other thing]

Role play

Do not say lies – Sen

Do not cheat – Cbe

I am happy with observations done in Sendurai today. We have to reason it, why?

When parts of a leaf have been shown a 3.5 year old child compared that with her palm veins, note book lines and saree with green and golden stripes. Sen

Combination of amino acids in sea water to for the uni cell has been shown with beads and this has been keenly observed by children. Sen

Many children said that their parents have filed the reports, greetings given by center in good files. CBE

A 3 year old child has questioned why all Gods have many hands? CBE

A 3.5 year old child said that the idol of Parvathy near Nataraja is very unique and the way she sits is so stylish. CBE

When a new parent came to the center for seeking admission for next year, our children cared the 3 year old child and started introducing all areas and tools. CBE

When Maha Maham concept was explained with sacred water, a child said that impure mind can be cleansed by TRUTH [From Kural]

When we said full moon day, a 3 year old child exclaimed that she is going to have a big bright moon to night. CBE



We appreciate Ms.Sasi in Sendurai for handling the whole group in absence of 2 staff members. We also thank the helpers for assisting her.




Amanakku seeds – castor oil [s]

Woolen threads – cap, sweater [cbe]

Real Object

Stationaries – Sen

Mary gold – Cbe

Role play

Do not tell lies – Easter special in both centers


Sakthi peetam – Sen

Intestines, RBC, wind and food pipes – CBE [But need not do all at a time]

Devi Pooja done in both centers.



A 2.5 year old child said that wood is being changed into pencil energy.

A child erected a tall tower and named it correctly in English.

A 3 year old child said that her rice is being changed in flour energy in EPL.

A 3 year old child told her mother that coconut used for chutney is being changed into oil energy.

A child’s elder sister abused her and she in turn corrected saying that her teachers always call her with love and respect.

A child broke the muruku and said that he has made a semicircle rainbow.

A group of 5 children performed Tulsi Pooja and an elder child taught others how to do rituals and mantra chanting.

A 3 year old child saw Mary gold in book and also in garden and took us to compare that.

A 3 year old child placed the cow and calf models and narrated his own story.

A group of children made others to sing our songs.

Children are aware about sakthi peetam states and a 4.5 year old child said that Dakshayini has various names as Gowmari, Parvathy and Mathangi.

Children are aware that sounds are coming out of the beejam AUM.

Children can name various abishekams correctly.

When we said the word ‘’AWARENESS’’, a 3 year old child said that he can walk on left side carefully.

A child compared the floral designs in a note book with uruli setup.


A 3 year old child compared swing hall in temple with her lungs’ movements.

A 3.5 year old child is aware about the color coding of vein and artery.

After seeing the video about undersea animals, a 3.5 year old child took the turtle model and narrated how it swims.

A 3 year old child correctly said that through wind pipe air reaches the lungs.

A 3.5 year old child said that food will pass through neck and gets choke when we do not chew properly.

A child said that our head protects the brain and wool can protect us from cold.

Two children were comparing the video of germination of seed with real germination in garden.


We appreciate Ms.Sasi in Sendurai for handling the whole group in absence of 2 staff members. We also thank the helpers for assisting her.


We have asked to purchase the model of mosque and kaba at Mecca from Dindukal to both centers.



Coffee seeds – powder – drink – Sen

Naanal grass – broom stick – CBE

Real Object

Carrot – Send

Tapioca – CBE

Role play

Share the money with deserved people to help.


Ganga Pooja was done in both center at that time in CBE said that River Ganga is the mother for all rivers on Earth.

Human brain has been presented as UNI5 concept in CBE.

Carrot cutting activity has been done in Sendurai with correct action. Children spoke much about carrot and elder children gave instructions like teachers. A child has compared the carrot with solid cone.

A 3.5 year old child learned colors from beads stringing activity. [S]

A.3.5 year old child compared beans with kidney, germinated seed with small snake in CBE.

Children have natural urge to gather and explore books in both centers. They share many things. A 3 year old child explained each specific aspect of animals with his book in CBE.

A 3.5 year old child taught how to do wooden puzzle of 3D camel to an infant. [S]

In Sendurai we observed children started drawing objects which they mostly choose from books, videos and UNI5 concepts.

When we did parts of head in Sendurai a 3 year old child screamed that head is closing and holding the brain carefully.

In both centers children have compared the skin of carrot and maravalli kizhangu with human skin.

In Sendurai a new crying child got settled with big girl doll by a 4.5 year old child.

When kalasam was placed for arthy a child said it is maasi month in CBE.



Coconut – dried – oil extract – Sen

Sundal kadalai – roasted – pottu kadalai – CBE

Real Object

Punching machine – Sen

Sunkaikaai – CBE [can show many other things under the sky other than same vegetables and fruits]

Role play

Share the earned money with deserved poor people.


Experiment to show heart’s function and stethoscope. – Sen

Experiment to show kidney’s function – CBE


Children in general have very keen observation with experiment.

In CBE a 3.5 year old child related yesterday’s heart’s pumping action through pipes with filtration of impure blood through urethra.

A 3 year old child has understood that flowers will change into vegetables. [CBE]

A 3.5 year old child clearly explained how we perform Tulsi Pooja to a 2.5 year old child.

A 3.25 year old child matched correctly each geometrical shape in picture card with real solids.[S]

A 3.5 year old child said that when we say kidney is at lower part of abdomen, then in Temple it will be below bali peetam. [C]

A 3 year old child asked whether the coconut can grow into a new tree when we put into earth. [S]

A 3.5 year old child erected a wooden blocks tower and compared with temple gopuram. [S]

Every child observed the one to one heart beat sound with DR’s stethoscope. [S]




Hay being weaved into pirimanai stand - Sen

Flower - vegetable - fruit - CBE

Real object

Tamarind - Sen

Ponnanganni keerai - CBE

Role play

Offer a dress to a person who deserve for it.


Composition of air - SEn

Heart - CBE



A 3.5 year old child said that tamarind fruit has a thick hard seed from which the tree is growing.

A 2.5 year old child told her mother that Mathangi has threw her big ear stud as full moon for Abirami pattar.

A 2.5 year old child said that on amavasya day we cannot see the moon.

A 2.5 year old child put her finger inside each socket of cylindrical blocks and measured the respective block piece.

A 3 year old child compared sparrows and penguins.

A 3.25 year old child compared the geometrical solid cone with a mountain.

When we showed Sun chariot for Rathasapthami, a child said that 7 colors are coming from sun light.

Children gave out various aspects of sun and its features.

Children saw the materials prepared for gas composition and clearly identified the ratio variations.

CO2 and 02 were shown with color beads.


A 3 year old child compared his lagos bridge with a toy train with Pambhan bride with train from video.

A 3.5 year old child made a pipe and blew with circular ring materials and said that can be seen in Kerala temples.

A 3 year old child said that without sun no one can see.




Energy - Dhoop becoming fragrance smoke

Real object - vibhoothy from cow dung

Role play - Share your food with a person who is hungry.

UNI5 - Temple and human body

Friday Devi pooja is being done.


A 3.5 year old child said that dhoops after emitting smoke will change into ash.

A 3.5 year old child said that cows can milk and dung which can be used for making vibhoothy.

A 3 year old child said that there after she will give food for an old lady near her home.

A 3.25 year old child has narrated hunter - dove and ant story with beautiful correct words to his parents.

A 3.5 year old child said that all must take oil bath once in a week like Mathangi.

When stomach was introduced a 3.25 year old child compared that with mixer grinder.




Candle - light - Sen

Bamboo - various objects - CBE

Real Object

Palm fruit's germination - an eatable dish in Tamil Nadu - panam kizhangu - Sen

Stamp pads - CBE

Role play

Second ethics - give food for those who really suffer from hunger

In both centers Ganga arthy was performed


Villu paatu was performed to present coral reef in oceans.- Sen

Lungs and their functions - CBE - EXPERIMENT



Children observed the villu pattu with calmness and before that we showed the video show about corals.

A 3.5 year old child said correct word for desert from picture book in native language.

A 2 year old child related the animal models, picture cards and video.

A 4.5 year old child taught English sounds to a 3 year old child with real focus.

A 2.5 year old child told her father that the moon looks like her eyebrows.

A 2.5 year old child said to his mother that all animals and birds have eyes, legs etc as same as man.

A 3 year old child wanted us to name the various parts of lorry and car from picture book.

A 2.5 year old child wanted us to give the name lesson for various shapes.

A new boy [3.5 years] have joined and now we have 40 children.

A new child brought his relative boy today to our center and he took proper permission from us and gave the tools to work.


A 3 year old child asked many to breath and feel the stretching of lungs.

A 3.5 year old child saw the plants in hot sun and worried whether they have taken water.

She said that plants are looking sad without water under hot sun.

A 2.5 year old child compared Maha Meru chakras with various wheel and one 4 year old cild compared the colors with rainbow.

A 3.5 year old child took the touch boards and asked us why we need to know about softness, smoothness and roughness.

A 3 year old child saw the last supper and said that he always eat like Jesus with his friends.

A 3.5 year old child said that he will not leave the center to another school because he will not be able to get teachers like ours. [Real love of adults]

A child felt her bag is heavy. She opened her water bottle and poured the water to plants and took it.

A 3.5 year old child took each animal and narrated how they are useful to man.

A child compared lungs with balloons.

A Christian child involved very much in Ganga arthy. 



Lemon – juice – health – Sen

Sea water – salt – CBE

Real object

We made villu [Bow] to perform the villu paattu and children saw that – Sen

Keezha nelli medicinal herb – CBE

Role play

Respect your parents and all elders at home


Floating – sinking – Sen

Body parts and their functions – drama in CBE

When Ester role play chart with coloring cross was given in Coimbatore to parents based on their own choice, today few came and said that only school can teach children all these values [greatest ignorance, then what the role of a mother and father is?]


They also said that they do not want cross at home. Children are very pure and true, we adult make all adulteration with discriminations. Sorry to say this.



Children observed how we are making the bow and planning the art form.

They also explored various parts of the tool which we made.

A child said that salangai is also used to decorate cows and bulls.

A 2.5 year old child said that we have tied artificial flowers which cannot give smell.

When we showed the uni5 concept, many children identified the material out of which few objects have been made.

A 3 year old child compared the coconut shell with ship.

A parents said that when the conductor sad the stopping name ‘’Malaikeni’’ her 3 year old child shouted in bus with the kural having the word resembling this. [manarkeni]

When a parent thanked us in Tamil, a 3 .5 year old child recited a kural with the term ‘’nandri’’ – thanks.

A 3 year old child said that lemon is used to clean the face and head.

When we showed the last supper idol, a child said that she is willing to share her food with all.

A child said that she has placed the holy cross in her table and put flowers.

A child compared infant Christ holding the cross and Meenakshi holding the parrot and said that all gods holds a symbol.


A child came in parrot green color costume and compared that with Meenakshi’s parrot.

Children were introduced with button stitching activity. Children tried to match the buttons with the costume’s color.

A 3 year old child said that our stomach works like a mixer.

A 3 year old child said that our teeth break the food.

Many children are aware about the touching sense through skin.

A child compared Tulsi with keezhaa nelli in medicinal aspects.

A 3 year old child said we have 2 speakers called ears.

A 4 year old child said that tongue can push the food from one end of the jaw to other end.

An elder child condemned an younger child for plucking the Tulsi leaves.

In both centers we have placed the holy cross of St.Thomas and started focusing with role plays of various ethical values. We have also given an option to parents to do this exercise of practicing the human values based on Ester. Today is ash Wednesday and we have started this.


Woolen threads - kunjam - Sen

Paaku mattai - eating bio degradable plates - CBE

Real object

arali flowers - SEn

Orange fruit - CBE

Role play in both centers for next 2 days

Respect all, parents and elders.


Tulsi pooja, temple concept - Sen

Sakthi peetam - CBE



Children are aware about the traditional names of parts of TAMIL NADU TEMPLE.

A  2.5 year old child said that she can bring goose berries for real objects as she has planted the tree.

A 1.5 year old infant took all shapes and observed keenly.

A 1.5 year old infant took animals books and asked us to say out the names and he produced the sounds.

A 2.5 year old child blew her mouth and said that wind has been realized by her.

A 3.75 year old child taught in details about animals homes to another 3 year old child.


Children are familiar with Assam and Tamil Nadu state identification.

A 3.5 year old child said that pakku mattai changed into plate upon which we eat food and that will change into our body energy.

A 3.5 year old child said that orange looks like Earth and another 3.5 year old child said that it is spherical.

Children related the belt pattern buckling with shoes, belts, bags etc.

Few children are very good in imagining and making their own stories with probes.

A child took the crocodile model and said this is Thai month.

Children shared their own experiences how they are helping elders at home.



Paddy – rice - Sen

Peepal leaf – cup for getting food – CBE

Real object

Thoodhuwaylai keerai in both centers

Role play

Do not spit upon ground and others – Sen

Help others – CBE


Diet box is being introduced for very first time – Sen

Part of the body and their functions [First time] – CBE



New materials bought from Chennai has been exhibited to all parents.

A 3 year old child took another child’s flower and started presenting in UNI5 style.

A 2.5 year old child observed the rising sun at dawn and narrated about that.

When we were seeing the picture cards in computer a 3 year old child identified nerves correctly.

Many children are doing the body parts drama very clearly within a week.

A 3 year old child made his drama about brain.

A 3 year old child took the bed from doll house and spoke about cotton changing into beds and pillows.

A 3.25 year old child made all animal models in a row and narrated how they all can go for nature walk.

A 3.5 year old child asked about sheep, wool and ice lands.

A 3 year old child took the inserts and drew a circle saying that it is sun.

Children were able to grasp about protein soon through diet box.


Few children spoke much about Tulsi, Thoodhuvalai and other medicinal herbs.

A child said that good set of teeth makes us to talk better.

2 children made Abirami pattar drama very well.


Sendurai visit report will be sent soon.



Fruits – panchamrutham

Role play

Keep yourself very clean and tidy

Real object

Match box


Temple and human body


A 3 .5 year old child said that wheat flour will become a poori by frying and chappaty by putting upon on pan.

A 3.5 year old child said that in artha mandapam of temple swings move like our breathing pattern.

A 3.5 year old child said that burning match stick appear like glowing sun light.

A 3.5 year old child made a paper cup and said that it can be used as a cap, bin to close hens, crown and basket.

A 3 year old made water pipes and said that he is giving connection to his home.

A 2.5 year old child taught her mother to use the hands for sneezing and kerchief.



Paint – beautiful art work – Sen

Ginger – dry sukku – medicine – Cbe

Real objects

How to decorate with uruli? – Sen

Alovera – Cbe

Role play

Do not be adamant – Sen

Do not spill the food – Cbe


Parts of human inner body and its functions – Sen

Air revised – Cbe


Ganga arthy in both centers has been done.


A new 2.5 year old boy has been admitted. Now the strength is 39

A 3 year old child compared the uruli with water with a well.

A 3.25 year old child compared this with a pond with lotus.

A 3 year old child compared the uruli with a big circle.

A 3 year old child compared her with China doll in all aspects.

A 2.75 year old child compared his mother’s rangoli work with our painting work.

A 3 year old child compared the painting work with facial painting makeup of Kathakali.

When body drama was done most of them touched and felt the parts with awareness.

Then they referred with picture cards.


When we said ‘’take bath’’ in verb game a 3.5 year old narrated the proverb related with bathing.

Children spoke many things about alovera plant and its uses.

A child spread out the Japan fan and compared with peacock feather.

A 2.5 year old child was beating a stone with an iron piece and said that the granite will chance its form.

A 3 year old child arranged the number rods and compared that with train coaches.

Elder children are aware about proper gratitude gestures to others.

A 2.5 year old child asked for fork when she was served with fruits by her mother.



Wind – bamboo flute – music – Sen

Paper – charts, paper mash dolls – CBE

Real object

Moor dhal – sen

Variety of lamps – cbe

Role play

Do not be adamant – sen

Handle the tools carefully and arrange neatly – cbe


Human body and temple – sen

Day and night – cbe



Today we presented the skit about few body internal organs and their functions.

Discussion about new concepts happened within us.

A 2.5 year old child taught an infant how to do SB Yoga.

A 1.5 year old infant observed the tiny animals inside the stickers of wooden puzzles and wanted us to talk about them.

The same child saw many books.

A 3 year old child drew rainbow at home.

A 3 year old child said that we have to share our food with all. She also said that her teacher insisted this.

A 2.5 year old child observed the uruli flowers in water and understood that lotus also grows like that.

A child compared how his mother walks with 2 pots like the shell doll and also imitated the walk.

We see children giving emotional compassion and comfort to many.

Children use very traditional tools.

A 3 year old child took the new child and started introducing the center.


A 3.25 year old child said that today’s planet Budhan is Mercury and it is very close to Sun.

A 3.5 year old child DEFINED that THITHI is the growth of moon daily.

A 3 year old child said that till we use lamp when we do not have current.

Video show was given.

Children observed very carefully how turtle is swimming in deep seas.

A child understood that trains go up on bridge above seas very slowly.

A 3 year old child told another child that aquarium under sea is very big and it is land at base.

A 3.5 year old child asked how fishes get air inside seas. He questioned about corals, weeds movements also.

A 3 year old child commented that sea is the big house for fishes where they eat and sleep.

A 3 year old child said that he carries the bag when the verb ‘’carry’’ was said.

A 3 year old child acted naturally as if she performs all abishekams to idols saying each name.


Energy, UNI5

We took the children to the real pottery center in our village and showed them the work – Sen

Granite – grinding stones, idols etc – CBE

Real objects

Lock and key – Sen

Papaya fruit – CBE [Pealing and cutting with fork using has been included]

Role play

Do not beat and bite others – Sen

Respect the elders – CBE


Seasons repeated with photos and video – Sen

Sakthi peetam – CBE


Tulsi Pooja has been done in both centers.


Children asked question with potter and his wife.

Children observed very calmly.

Children were surprised to see the wheel rotation and coming out of various clay items.

Children compared the potter’s wheel with many other wheels.

From one lump of clay many shapes came out and they were given to children. We gave them dakshinai.

Every activity before and after making pots has been observed by us.

Children understood that potters make lamps for Karthigai and Diwali festival.

An elephant doll was made and immediately children sang song about that.

Elders appreciated our children’s enthusiasm and questioning mind.

A 2.5 year old child compared the various Krishna paintings with Krishna idol.

Kruba [2.5 years] cannot talk without linking.

Few children sat before Krishna doll and sang his praising songs.

After the pottery visit we also showed the video show about that.

A child compared the volcano with burning sun.

A 2.75 year old child understood that lotus grows in water today.


A 3 year old child sat on the water and felt the chillness. He then went out and sat under the sun and felt the hotness and told us.

A 3 year old child said that flowers of the trees gives good fruits.

Two children were wearing same dress pattern and this has been observed by an infant and he expressed by gestures.

Two children took dressing sets and named them with correct Tamil names and also said who can use.

Children are aware about ripe and unripe concept.

A child drew a circle and stripes into that. She said that she has drawn Ashoka chakra.

When Abirami Pattar story was narrated, a child compared the full moon with her bangle.

A child made his own design of papaya tree with fruit in clay.

A 3 year old child is very clear in Dakshayini’s legend and 3 states names.



Iron – many objects – Sendurai

Red soil – roofing tiles – CBE

Real Object

Paddy and rice – Sen

Paddy and woven – CBE

Role play

Wish and talk boldly with all – Sen

Respect elders – CBE


Metals obtained from Earth – Sen

Comet – CBE



A 2.5 year old child saw the reddish sky and used the proper adjective to describe that in Tamil.

Children are able to point out objects made in iron.

Children are very happy to recollect Earth and a child compared his blue shirt with seas upon Earth.

A 2.75 year old child asked whether we can also wear jewels like Mathangi.

A 3.25 year old child refused to go to his native place and she said that he cannot miss the center.

A new child was crying and refused to eat. Another elder child spoke to her and fed her with her hands.

A 3 .25 year old child named custard apple correctly in English and said its uses.

New child has been admitted in Sendurai and now it is 38. The child is 2.25 year old girl.


A 3 year old child was able to talk much about cotton seeds.

Various uses of cotton have been listed out by elder children. [Unique – wick, ear buds, pillows]

Honey mixed with tulsi juice is good for cold – said by a 3.5 year old child.

When holy cross was shown a 3 year old child shared her experience with her church visit.

A 3.5 year old child called us and said that rice has been changed in flour by grinding and connected with energy concept.

A child saw a peacock and elephant pictures in her hand kerchief and said stories about them.

A 3 year old child said that Hanuman has a tail like the bright comet.

A parent said that the child told them about the energy of rice being cooked as saadham.

A 3 year old child tried to get rainbow experiment with his mother.

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