Diary writing in UNI5 centers - January 2016


Coimbatore visit - 29th, 30th January.

I am much satisfied regarding the maintenance of the center.

The center’s garden is looking neat and active.

We have directed to plant any easy growing vegetables or even turmeric so that the greenish environment can be seen.

I saw the well planned circle time. They introduced sesame seeds and gingly oil for energy conversion and real object.

Role play was also good – do not use bad words and abuse others. I have asked them to say that what you do for others will be given back to you.

Thirukural presentation and proverb presentation were clear.

Cylindrical bloc presentation can be done separately.

Holy cross concept was given with 3 basic ethics – help others, do not disturb any one and love every one.

Children were much aware about many objects. A child said that cross sign is seen in any ambulance and that vehicle is helped to take a hurt person to hospital.

When boat was presented many children connected that with see and few were not aware about the boat.

I also spoke in detail about Thanajay Krishna [1 year old] with teachers, mother, coordinator and Mr.SureshKumar.

I also explained the development path of uni5 syllabus with Ms.Sumathy.

Rs.2000 is being handed over as loan to Ms.Valsa [helper]

Teachers were asked to give their feedback about a higher level syllabus.

Teachers said that UNI5 syllabus makes them to face the risk of challenge to many questions raised by the children.

Ms.Sumathy said that higher level Uni5 syllabus makes these children to have a good pre-experience for higher grades.

Mr.Suresh said that the teacher’s creativity is very important for UNI5 syllabus.

It is very easy to write every dialogue for the presentation. Then it will not be a live one. It will be a drama. Teachers also will be stressed in one context.


Let us call the narrative report as ‘’the unique child’’ hear after.

In this report we are presenting the unique features observed by us and by parents.

Like a special dialogue observed from a movie these features has to be observed in BODY-MIND AND INTELLECTUAL levels.

The depthless of observation has to be realized by teachers and helpers.

CBE center will submit the reports for editing by March 2nd week end.

For Thai ammvasya day we are introducing Abirami pattar’s legend. Februray 8th Monday]

February 15th – Ratha sapthami [Center date for celebration] This has to be connected to Sun.

February 22 – Monday – Pournami – THIS YEAR IS MAHA MAHAM IN KUMBAKONAM.

March 7th Monday – Shivarathry – Karikuruvikku upadesam seidha padalam can be done as a drama with Shiva poojai.

February 9th – Place the holy cross in a special altar.

March 25th GOOD FRIDAY. [Leave] Thursday

  • Respect your parents and elders and also help them.
  • Share your food with a hungry man.
  • Share your cloths with a needy person.
  • Help the poor people if they need money.
  • Do not tell lies.
  • Do not cheat others.
  • Do not be jealousy.
  • Love every one as you love yourself.
  • Do not repeat the mistakes again.
  • Forgive the mistakes done by others.
  • Before eating offer the food to God.
  • Do not do anything which you don’t like to others also.
  • Thank the God.
  • In temples do not waste time, talk and please pray with focusing.
  • Pray for others.
  • Do not did disturb others and other beings.

During an year 3 big role play cycle will be observed for Ramzan, Ayyapa season and Easter time.

For Skandha sasti were observe specific 6 days inner – cleansing role plays.

We have to hand over this role plays to each parent and make them to observe along with the children for the inner transformation.

March 22 – Holi – Festivals of Colors.

Ask the children to come in bright color dresses and also use good coloring activities at schools. This has to be linked with sun light and the colors.

APRIL 14TH – Thursday Tamil new year.

Fruits, vegetables, all food items can be displayed very beautifully and conservation concept has to be given. Rs.1 can be given as the token of SAL ENERGY.

April 15th Friday is SriRAMA Navami. [10 days story has to be delivered with SriRAMA]

1.       Respect the parents.

2.       Respect the teachers.

3.       Respect the elders.

4.       Adjust and share with your brothers.

5.       Respect every man and animal.

6.       Very firm in following ground rules of life.

Give reports on Ram navami and close for summer vacation.

New UNI5 topics which has to be practiced by the teams

1.       Human body and home.

2.       Internal organs, functions.

3.       Cell structure and home. [Plant cell]

4.       Xylem – phloem

5.       Body cells and microbes

6.       Mixture of air.

7.       Nucleus and DNA

8.       Latitudes and longitudes.

9.       How pollen grains are dispersed? – Drama

10.   Dispersal of seed

11.   Parts  of flower

12.   Parts of the leaf

13.   Seasons

14.   Flow of energy

15.   Diet box

16.   Noble gases



Cotton – pillows – Sen

Real Object

Mary Gold

Role play

Do not beat or bite others


Sakthi peetams


All rituals were done to Devi Mookambika.

We have started getting feedback for this month from parents.

Friday is a day which has made the children and parents to get attracted to festivals and rituals. So they follow good traditional dressing pattern.

A 2.75 year old girl came very traditional and able to understand that day is Friday.

A 1.5 year old infant wanted to touch and explore many hanging decoration items for very long time.

When we showed energy, most of them said clouds appear like cotton.

A 2.75 year old child took each geometrical solid and matched with resembling objects in environment.

Mer lion model has attracted many children and they wonder about the combined form of fish with lion.

Children wanted to decorate the Shiva Parvathy idols with Mary gold flowers after presentation.

A 3 year old child arranged a big circle with puzzle cut outs and said that she has created a big full moon.

A 3.5 year old child made many geometrical shapes with clay. She named them correctly and compared with real objects and taught this to a 1.5 old infant.

After a gap of leave when we introduced Sakti peetam, children were able to recollect the facts and sounds.

Parents are happy about good video shows.

29th diary will be updated on Sunday as the editor is traveling. 



Ginger – Dry ginger [Sukku] - Sen

Cotton – woven – clothing - CBE

Real Object

Straw berry - Sen

Mudakathan keerai - CBE

Role play

We must respect all - Sen

Do not use abusive words - CBE


Comet - Sen

Metals under the Earth – CBE

Ganga arathy was performed in both centers. Children dance for famous Hindhi song along with real Ganga Pooja video.



 Sweet potato was boiled and served among all after cutting.

Magara month has been well identified with crocodile symbol by a 3 year old child.

When we showed straw berry children traced the skin and taste with correct name.

Children are well aware about most of the day to day using food items with the physical properties, uses etc. [Ginger and its day to day uses.]

A 3 year old child compared duck – goose and swan with many properties as the same through picture books.

Elder children express the real care for younger ones with more adult attitude.

A 3.75 year child said that comets have fire like sun.

A 3.75 year old child compared the tail of an animal with gas tail of the comet and Tamil name.

A 2.75 year old child ate the sweet potato and she says to her friend how she peals the orange skin as the same. She spoke about the comparisons among fruits.

Tamil and English technical terms with sweet potato has been explained.

Children talk much about the sun with parents.


A 3.25 year old child took the brown stairs and said that he is making a building with bricks.

A 3.25 year old child made only green color vegetables with green color artificial clay dough and also named them correctly.

A 3 year old child spilled the rice and another 3.5 year old child said that we cannot spill and waste rice because it is ANNA POORANI.

A 3 year old child observed the base of the cylinder blocks and compared with full moon.

When earth and metal were given a child also added about water.

A child said that the Tamil term kodi is being used for rope, creeper and also flag. This shows the development of strong language. [New language model has been to be designed for 1 word with many meanings]

A child said that she will ask her grandfather top eat mudakkathan keerai for his knee pain.

Children compared the similarity of Hindhi and Tamil tune in Ganga arthi song.

1 year old infant [Thanajay Krishna] started using animal tray and he is trying to name the animals with their sounds.

This infant is also able to understand most of the verbs and perform the respective actions correctly.

He also picks up many musical tools and enjoy exploring the sounds.



Wood – wooden carvings – Sendurai

Coconut leaves – many toys – CBE

Real Object

Soora pazham – a native hill fruit – Sen

Cardamom – CBE

Role play

We must respect every one – Sen

Do not disturb others  - CBE


Temple and human body – Sen

Rainbow experiment was successful – CBE

  • CBE Center went for nature walk.



We spoke to children about taking care of animals especially cattle. For this we are going to introduce a ritual in all rural areas with the clay model of cattle. For this we have purchased a beautiful brass bull.

If we feel that the syllabus is being shown we can repeat certain concepts. I have asked to look into the new concepts also.

A 3.5 year old child compared the fruits with sphere, one compared with sundakai and another compared with planets.

A 3.25 year old child compared the fruit with eyes.

Children were able to grasp the difference between a circle and sphere. We showed circle puzzle cutout and ball for models.

A 3 year old child took the fish and gave clear presentations about the parts.

A 3.25 old child took vehicle book and showed army tanks and we spoke about army and protection.

Please encourage this book seeing and talking sessions.

A 3 year old child saw many books and saw a very tiny spider seal near the price label and spoke about.

When we gave temple model children observed very well.

A 4.25 old child shared her experience with Madurai temple tower.

A 3 year old child shared her experiences with new born child in her family.

When we showed big saws chopping woods children wondered the size.

Children compared very big saws chopping trees as wood cutters.

Children observed the various movements of saws and wheels in videos.

A 3.5 year old child identified India within a shirt pin flag.


Nature walk report will be given in detail later.

Children who stayed in the center did book reading with all regular activities.

Rainbow experiment has been shown to all the children after nature walk.

Children were very clear that rainbow is created by water and sunlight.

A 3.5 year old child watched the role play and said that he will never disturb birds and animals.

A 3.5 year old saw the colors in books and took one sample object.

A 3.5 year old child also counted number of objects in relation with respective numerical.

When we explained about the proverb that patience is larger than ocean, a 3 year old child said that she has seen the oceans and sky which look same in color.

Children are aware about cardamom and its uses.



Caterpillar becoming butterfly – Sen

Wood becoming furniture models – CBE

Real Object

Shoe polish – brush – Sen

Pottukadalai – CBE

Role play

Do not talk abusive words – Sen

Do not abuse others in any ways – CBE

UNI5 concepts

Seasons of Tamil Nadu – Sen

Wind – CBE

26.1.2016 is India’s Republic day and it is a holiday.

We all have rights equally in this environment – Sen and CBE

CBE center showed national flag hoisting.



We showed spray painting activity.

A 2.75 year old child observed Mathangi’s saree style and said that she appears like a wedding woman.

When we showed the weather chart today a 3.5 year old child correctly used the technical terms for weather identification.

A child compared shoe polish cream with kajal.

A 2.5 year old child asked her mother whether the moon before full moon day is ‘’dwadasi’’ moon?

A 3 year old child took the drum and acted like local artists who make the drum warm to get good sounds.

Many children are able to identify various objects and the source of making especially today about wooden objects.

A 1.5 year old infant worked many EPL activities. He is very particular about winding up and cleaning.

A 2.5 year old child took animal’s tray and spoke about each animal with many stories to her friends. Same thing happens with picture books.

When spray painting was done with shapes children compared the shapes with objects.


This center has to focus in good samples of real objects and energy conversion. We request the head to insist the team.

Children are much aware about habitats of various animals.

Children are aware about Tulsi and its uses.

A 3 year old child made chappathy and said that it is made of wheat dough and wheat can be getting from plants.

A 3 year old child narrated how flag hoisting happened with her mother.

A child took geometrical shape solid – oval and compared with egg and spoke about its uses.

A 3 year old child took the zero puzzles and compared with egg picture.

A 3 year old child said that we must take care of national flag without damaging it.

A 3 year old child said that trees give us the air to inhale.

A 3 year old child shared very correctly her Thai poosam experiences at local temple in connection with center’s festival patterns.

A 2.5 year old child said that Magaram month is crocodile.



Thai poosam celebration [rice – Pongal, sambarani – fragrance smoke] – Sen

Ghee – light  - Cbe

Real object

Bitter guard – Sen

Turmeric plant – Cbe

Role play

Do not talk abusive words – Sen

Be thankful to others – Cbe


Thai poosam – Sen

Temple and human body – Cbe



Lord Murugan abishekam and poojas were done for Thai poosam.

Video – Antarctica and landing and take-off of planes.

A 2.75 asked who moon’s mother is when we showed thithi chart.

Ms.Sasi brought a local wild fruit for real object. A 2.75 year old child saw that and started singing on her own about that fruit with good rhyming.

A 3.25 year old child said that jack fruit’s skin has thorns like rose.

A 3.25 year old child compared papaya’s seeds with mustard seeds.

A 3.25 year old child saw animal’s books and compared the various shapes of eyes.

A 2.5 year old child said that human eyes are bigger than fish’s eyes.

A 2.75 year old child took a file and put the press button and said that he has the same in his shirt.

A 1.5 year old infant arranged wooden shapes stringing calmly with total focusing.

A 3 year old child said planes, buses, homes and trains have windows.

A 4 year old child said plane has very huge wings like birds to fly.

A 3.25 year old child said that he will take his mother in plane one day.

A 3.25 year old said that swan and goose look as same.


3 children were much focused in stringing beads and made Vishnu’s naamam pattern.

These children took that beads to doll house and made door hanging.

A 3 year old child made a plane with building blocks.

Infants very often use pattern making designs.

A 3 year old child saw vetrilai and said that Hanuman likes malai with that.

A 3 year old child asked whether Tulsi will cry when we pluck.

A 3 year old child compared her mother’s kolam with her kolam.

A 3 year old child acted like an actress and spoke about turmeric plant and its uses.

A 4.5 year old special child saw another small child getting urinated. She helped her to get washed and change her dresses. When Pooja was done made infants to sit properly.

A 3.5 year old child worked with colored cylinders properly.

A 3 year old child’s parent appreciated our video show and said that her child is talking much about that.

A 3 year old child said that she wanted to get dressed like Murugan and also another child said before Murugan peacock and snake are friends.




Cotton – oven – threads – Sen

Nature walking  - But we are stopping this activity in CBE because of wild elephants.

Real object

Umbrella – Sen

Vetrilai – paakku  - CBE

Role play

Do not disturb and abuse others – Sen

Be always thankful to others – CBE


Human body and temple structure has been initiated today – Sen


Ganga Pooja was done in both centers.


A 3.25 years observed geometrical tracing tools and compared with many objects.

A 3 year old child compared the big colorful umbrella with rainbow.

A 3.5 year old child said all birds come out eggs.

A 1.5 infant did brass polishing, took gundy and watered all plants perfectly.

A 3 year old boy brought papaya to the center and asked about its vitamin.

A 1.75 year old infant compared rhino’s horn with a long knife.

A 2.25 year old child compared umbrella with a parachute.

Many children said that threads have become their dresses and also named the dresses correctly.

A 3 year old child compared the swing of Gods with his cradle.

Big baby doll is being used for human body in temple tool.


Nature walking report is lengthy and it will be given separately soon.

Children shared their experiences after nature walking.

They followed all civics rules perfectly.

A 3 year old child said that his grandmother used to take juice from vetrilai and give for cold.

A 3 year old child said that vetrilai – paakku will be given when invitations are given.

A 3.5 year old child sang a song about paaku tree.

A 3 year old child took animal pictures in books and spoke lot around that.

Children played with kitchen set and named all traditional foods of the state correctly.

A child demanded for thanks from his friend for giving vadai.

A 3 year old child that no one must not disturb any creatures.

A 3 year old child said rabbits have taken lot of vegetables from their farm.

A 3 year old child thanked our teachers for applying manjal to her hurt.



Red soil – bricks – Sen

Tulsi – garland, dhoop – fragrance smoking – CBE

Real object

Sand clock – Sen

Avaraikai – a native beans – CBE

Role play

Do not for the help given by others – Sen

Do not take others objects and share your things with all – CBE


Day – Night, details of day and night lights – Sen

Wind energy – CBE

CBE Center also trying for rainbow experiment.



Our very first teacher Ms.Kalaivani David [Sendurai] has been blessed with a boy baby. He is lucky to have her as his mother. We wish both mother and child a good prosperous life.


A 3.5 year old child used the new wooden balance and he wanted to know the proper counting through us.

We see children looking and exploring more books. Children relate the pictures they see in many ways. [Shapes, colors and uses]

The new lunch mat has lot of fruits pictures and many children saw them and touched. They also named them correctly.

A 2.25 year new child have grasped and started following many ground rules. Helpers were immediately informed and made to understand the error.

A 3.25 year old child took all animals and birds models and compared them with real pictures.

Children are regularized with thithi chart and parents say that children want to watch the moon at nights.

A 3 year old child saw a real spider and immediately took a story book about spider and spoke about it.


A 3 year old child said that avaraikai can be get only from creepers and not from plants.

Children make many design patterns with respective tools.

Children make many shapes and talk about them.

A 3 year old child said to his father that he does not want to go to other school next year.

A 3 year old child took insects models and spoke around them especially about scorpion. Another child said that we cannot harm any insects. But teachers has to convey somewhere about protection.

A 3 year old child saw udukai picture in Tamil SPL and said that Devi and Shiva holds it.

A 3 year old child took all animals models and explained about the uses to infants.

Ms.Shanthi [senior teacher] says that infants sit and learn more things from their elders than sitting with us which are the unique importance of mixed age group.

A 3.5 year old child misunderstood a girl’s long gown as night dress and said that she cannot wear that for the center.

A 2.5 year old said that she saw how a bug is making its own home with mud.

A 3 year old child took cow animal and said that he saw KO Pooja rituals.

A 3 year old child said that Hanuman loves to wear Tulsi mala.

A 3 year old child was going on talking about transformation of larva into an adult butterfly after seeing in video. The father was surprised.


Thoodhuvalai green herb used for good voice and throat infection – Sendurai
Wind energy – current – uses – CBE
Real Object
Thinai rice – Sen
Nenthram banana fruit – CBE
Role play
Be thankful to others who helped you – Sen
Do not touch others objects without permission and share your objects – CBE
Day – night – Send
Do not occupy and construct buildings near the water sources area – CBE
Tulsi Pooja done in both centers.
Sendurai Christian parents were given the photo show of all places related to Jesus. They thanked and few took them in pen drive too.
Local SFA Church school staff said that it is very easy to handle the children from UNI5 School, their language development is very good and clear and they have expressed various talents and they grasp easily than other children.
A 2.75 year old child linked the features of a lizard and crocodile.
A 3.5 year old child compared the flexibility of thinai rice plant with a tail of a cat.
A 3.25 year old child compared the arrangement of white seeds in lady’s finger with his own tooth.
A 3.25 year old girl said that her mehandhi design resembles the full circular moon.
A 3.5 year old child took many objects from environment and asked out of what they have made including out big TV.
A 3.5 year old child was showing a cow eating grass to an infant. The infant was keeping on questioning about that. Suddenly this child related the feed of the cow with us taking food and made the infant to understand.
We also did a comprehending session with many UNI5 concepts.
A 3.5 year old child said that the local mountain was totally covered with mist in morning and he felt very cold.
A 4 year old child was looking through plastic scale and came to us saying that he is able to see the colors of rainbow through that.
A child said that we need waste banana skin and we can offer to cows.
A 3 year old child said that the fruit too has a good shining skin like us.
Children are able to recite out the Bible sentences in both languages.
A 3.5 year old child spoke much about uses of umbrella and also about features of owl bird with books.
A 3 year old child said to younger ones that we can write only on papers but not all walls and hands.
When national flag was shown many children were able to talk about the colors and also name as Indian flag.
A 3 year old child compared the Ashoka chakra with the temple car’s wheel.
A 3 year old child said that aero plane is flying like all birds.
Video shows were given.
Children appreciated their feelings about blossoming of buds, egg hatching and larva transforming into an adult butterfly.



Wind energy – Sendurai

Red soil – bricks – CBE

Real Object

Turmeric plants – Sen

Tamarind – CBE

Role play

Do not ask anything from others unless you have helped. Sen

Do not lie and cheat others – CBE


Air – Send

Solar system – CBE



We appreciate Sendurai team for making the real rainbow with real sunlight.

Children shared many experiences about harvest celebrations with us.

Children matched colors with flowers.

Children drew lot of pictures based on UNI5 concepts.

A 3 year old child took the ball and said that Earth rotates like the ball.

Children were much excited with rainbow creation.

A 3.25 and 4 year old children said that we cannot pollute the air which can cause diseases and they too said that man cannot chop trees.

Children who cannot talk can also match the colors with objects and express their internal understanding.

Egg shell is being used for making a toy.

A child observed us using cotton and asked many questions about it.

A child observed us making the egg shell toy and suddenly said that egg has been converted into chicken.

Children drew many pictures connected with UNI5 concepts.

A child said that she saw same type of Goddess idol in a temple and chanted shlokas during prayers.


Children shared many things about harvest festival with us.

The elephants are entering into this locality and children shared many things about that.

A 3 year old child said that he is observing fasting to go to Murugan temple.

Many children are aware about tamarind and the uses.

A 3 year old child observed her own fingers and talked about the variation in height.

A 3 year old child said that she offered Pongal to Sun and thanked sun.

A parent said that the 3 year old child insisted all in family to pray and thank the sun on Pongal.

We also said the difference between tamarind and tiger with Tamil names which resemble the same.

A 3 year old child took few infants to Tulsi plants and spoke about its medicinal uses.

A 3 year old child showed row of ants to another child and appreciated its brisk nature and following ground rules.

A 3 year old child explained about red soil becoming bricks very well to his mother.

13.1.2016 –  School Pongal Day. Pongal festival leaves from 14.1.2016 – 17.1.2016


Rice – Pongal in both centers

Real object

Sugar cane – Sen

Jaggery – CBE

Role play

Try to share to the maximum limit – Sen

Do not cheat others – CBE


Traditional, grand Pongal celebrations in both centers.



Children wished us, parents wished us.

Children came in traditional garments in both centers.

Children are able to relate many UNI5 sun concepts when we celebrated.

Girls compared their skirt colors with rangoli colors.

A 3 year old boy compared rainbow colors with rangoli colors.

A 2.75 year old child has invited the guest by saying that the center is celebrating Pongal to thank Sun.

A 3 year old child asked whether sugar cane is a tree or plant.

Today Sendurai tried rainbow experiment with old CD.

In Sendurai Pongal bubbled towards north. Children screamed and enjoyed.

Dr.Mani’s parents came and performed the poojas.

Many children admired the huge size of ships from video show.

A 3 year old child compared the size of the ship with a big truck.

A 4 year old child commented that sea is the home for fishes and asked about sea weeds etc.


A 3 year old child said that Pongal is to thank Sun.

A 3.5 year old child commented that sun has come to see us celebrating Pongal.

A 3 year old child said that jiggery looks like a very big egg.

When children saw kaapukattu with neem, said that neem is a good medicine.

A 3 year old child spoke about pot making through his video show.

A 3 year old child said that teachers have made a good rangoli and we must not stamp and spoil that.

A 3 year old child said that Pongal is giving out many air bubbles.

A 3 year old child said that fire used for cooking is also in sun.

Children were much aware about fire.

Pongal bubbled at southwest.

Mrs.Anupama who has donated big size TV to the center has been invited as guest and she participated.

We wish a very happy Pongal to whole team.



Sugar cane – jaggery – sugar [Sen]

Paper – paper cup – [Cbe]

Real object

Thread and its uses – [Sen]

Spoon varieties – [Cbe]

Role play

Do not cheat others [Sen]

Do not boast about yourself [Cbe]


Bohi festival with Indra concept – [Sen]

Sakthi peetam – [Cbe]


Tulsi poojas were done in both centers.

Sendurai team tried out for making rainbow experiment.

Video show was given in CBE.

Leave circular was given to parents in CBE.

Mars planet’s reddish color was related by a girl child with her reddish bangles. [S]

A child compared the cylindrical thread twine with cylinder solid block from geometrical solids. [S]

A 4 year old child was working with concentric shapes and he compared the combinations with many natural objects around him. [S]

A child spoke about onion after seeing in book with yesterday’s real object presentation. [S]

A 3 year old child spoke naturally and correctly about various uses of thread. [S]

A 2.75 year old child was working with concentric circles and he wanted to know about many shapes names. [S]

A child shared his experience of having cane juice. [S]

A 3 year old child spoke much about the various uses of various vehicles from books. [S]

When our helpers were preparing various color powders for tomorrow’s rangoli a 3 year old child said that sun only gave away all these colors. [S]

New Pongal pot was bought, decorated and school was cleaned for tomorrow’s Pongal festival. [S]

A 3 year old child put many strokes in floor and taught about rainbow to his elder brother. [S]


A 3 year old child compared arrangement of blue triangles materials with stars.

A3 year old child made star clay and asked why it is not shining.

A child saw the fresh toilet and domestic tools like dustbin, soaps, toilet cleaner and spoke about their proper uses.

Few children spoke about the correct use of various serving spoons.

Few elder children like to take responsibility.

A 2.5 year old child said that forks are mainly used to pick up the fruits.

A 3 year old child recited Thirukural based on helping others and also said how he helped his sick friend in a hospital.

Children said that Pongal is to thank sun.

Children enjoyed the ships being launched in sea videos with more excitement.

Children admired the size of ships.

A 3 year old child took doll house set and gave it to another child saying that they are the gifts to Dakshayini.


Energy –

Stick – bow and arrow [Sen]

Rice – flour [Cbe]

Real object

Small onions [Sen]

Thuvar dhal beans [Cbe]

Role play

Do not cheat others [Sen]

Do not do self-boasting [Cbe]


Rainbow formation – [Sen]

Sun based Pongal festival – [Cbe]



A 3 year old child said that onions resemble garlic in shape.

A 2 year old child expressed that onions will make the eyes burn.

A 3 year old child asked whether the sofa is made from wood.

A child wanted to see the burning fire inside sun.

A 3.5 year old child was able to match the rainbow colors with color tablets and also wanted to know each color.

Children who cannot talk but express themselves.

Children observe the pictures keenly.


Color tablets, cup and saucer and fork were presented.

A child compared the beans inside the vegetable pod to a tablet.

A 2.5 year old child appreciated the neat pattern of arrangement of beans inside the pod.

A 3 year old child was well aware about the real object and its uses.

A child explained about thithi chart in her own way of expression.

A 3 year old child cleaned the place where others littered.

Children said that rice will be converted into idlies, dosas and also kolam powder.

A 4.5 year old special child is following few ground rules after seeing her peers.

A 3 year old child traced her cheeks and touch boards. She said that both are smooth.

A 4 year old child was able to name the smell items in smell set correctly.

When many children said that sun gives light a child said that a beautiful flower from a plant is also created by sun light.



Energy – flowers – garlands

Real object – pepper

Role play – do not do boasting

UNI5 – Sakthi peetam with states

Friday poojas were done


Energy – camphor – light

Real object – camphor

Role play – do not be egoistic

UNI5 – Temple concept and introduced ears and eyes with Chandikeshwara and Dwarapalakas



3 year old child compared her cream biscuit with crescent moon.

A 4 year old child came in good looking and another child observed this child and compared with Mathangi’s decoration.

A 3 year old child commented that pine apple has kondai and it resembles a plant.

A 1.5 year old infant observed us presenting touch boards and he took and worked with it properly.

Children who are developing the spoken skills also express the gesture of relating objects with the self.

New alphabets were introduced through Sakthi peetam. Children are well about the presentation.

A 2 year old child was able to point out the states correctly.

Children are becoming familiar with various traditional jewels and correct names.


A 3 year old child said that camphor emits light like sun.

1 year old infant powdered pottukadalai and shared with all.

A 4 year old child shared her experience with real turtle brought by her father.

A 3 year old child compared elephant with Lord Vinagayar and said that dogs, cats and foxes look similar.

Few children are familiar with the process of rituals.

A 4 year old child narrated in order about the various spots in temple.

A 4 year old child said that she saw Chandikeswarar shrine in Perur Shiva temple as she saw in temple model.



Seed – plant with video show [Sen]

Omam seeds – medicine [Cbe]

Real Object

Mobile phone [Sen]

Omam – [Cbe]

Role play

Do not self-boast yourself [Sen]

Do not be egoistic [Cbe]


Sun based Pongal celebration in both centers

Infant Thanajay Krishnan celebrates his very first birthday in Coimbatore center. We wish him a long life and awareness to live as a good human being. But this has not been considered as an important mile stone in child’s life and center has not reported. This has to be condemned. I strongly request the in charge to address the matter to the staff.


Ganga Pooja done in both centers.

A 2 year old boy has been freshly admitted to replace a 1 year old infant in Sendurai – total strength is 36.


A 3 year old child spoke much about river Ganges.

A 3 year old child commented that any calendar will have numbers as we see in Math kit.

A 3 year old child’s father said that child called him to play solar family game and he appreciated very high UNI5 syllabus.

Children admired and spoke among them self about cater pillar changing into adult butterfly video.

Children are about to say out the sequence of seed growing into a final fruit and they also saw the egg with chick and said that we too came out of our mother like this.

Children saw the beauty of peacocks spreading the feathers in video and imitated the sound.

A 3 year old child was able to observe the darkness and sun shine in seed germination video.

Many children ask questions about ‘’from what the object has been made?’’ effect of energy concept.

A child shared her Rameshwaram over sea train journey experience.

Children observed makeup video of tiger dance and kathakali facial with great surprise. In this context we must talk much about colors.

Most of the children are much aware about fruits – name, color, shape, tree, taste, use etc – impact of energy and real object


A 3 year old child child said that sun makes rainbow.

Children talk much about Santa clause.

A child compared an arrow mark to capital letter A.

A child said that Anusha star name is similar to her name Anusha.

A child compared omam powder to karpuravalli leaf smell.

A child said that all plants are growing because of sun light energy.

A 3 year old child said that penguins can live only in icy areas.

A 2.5 year old child explored the inner sound making object in various noise boxes.

Ganga arthi Hindhi song and Ganga maiya dance are becoming famous.

A 3 year old child wanted to know the difference between normal horse and zebra.

Camphor - light [Sen]
Tamarind - juice panagam [Cbe]
Real object
Goose berry [Sen]
Elandhai pazham [Cbe]
Role play
Do not be egoistic [Sen]
Be responsible [Cbe]
Bothe the centers are giving solar family based on harvest festival - Pongal
Cbe center has received the Mahameru blocks for legos work.
Sendurai presented solar family as a drama.
Yesterday's comment about 7 horses in sun is being explained as 7 colors by staff. [Sen]
A 3.5 year old child named the rainbow colors correctly in both languages. [Sen]
A 3 year old child who has not seen rainbow took the material and saw for a very long time and asked ''really 7 colors will be arranged nearby?'' [Sen]
Children are using all new tools in both centers.
Children enjoyed mahameru blocks setting in Sendurai too.
Few parents came and said that their children shared many aspects about nature with them yesterday in Sendurai.
A child compared how his father stands at the center of home and play with ball. [Sen]
A child appreciated Kerala scenery with the calendar. [Sen]
Many children are aware about seed growing into plants. [Sen]
A 4 year old child tried to repeat the drama after his noon sleep with his friends. [Sen]
A 3 year old child took the vehicles book and gave explanation about the transport system correctly. [Sen]
A 2.75 year old child served water to her mother and said that she is GANGA. [Sen]
A 3 year old child compared the big elandhai fruit with oval shape.
A 3 year old child compared that with an egg.
A 3 year old child said that one seed can give many fruits through the plant.
A 3 year old child correctly described the sun doll. [Teachers must give proper decoding facts]
A 3 year old child drew a circle perfectly and said that she has drew a full moon.
2 children saw a big lizard and said that we must not beat and disturb that, it is living calmly.
A 3 year old child spoke much about elephant experiences.
A 2.5 year old set the rainbow tool correctly and named them correctly.
Infant Krishna's report has been given. That will be documented later.



Energy –

Nature walk was done [Sen]

Dry bottle gourd used for painting and decoration [This is not an energy, it is craft]


Real object –

Pen stand and many objects in nature [Sen]

Maize [Cbe]

Role play –

Do not boast yourself and many civics senses during nature walk [Sen]

Do not litter the place where you live and work [Cbe]

UNI5 –

Taste box, book reading, picture cards, nature walk [Sen]

Sakthi peetam [Cbe]

Tulsi Pooja was done in both centers for Tuesday.

Parents’ feedback has been received for December in both centers.

New activity based materials has been shown to Sendurai parents. They were happy.

In both centers months were also introduced with Sanskrith names.

Observation in CBE

A child said that maize is wearing a green dress.

Children were able to sing the 7 basic swaras.

When Dhanur month was introduced with a bow, a child said that Rama holds the bow.

A 3 year old child said that we get corn flakes from maize.

A 3 year old child commented that like us maize also have hairs as fibers.

When a child prostrated before Tulsi plant, another child said that we can do that gesture only before a temple flag post. But we wish to know what the UNI5 teacher has answered here. These challenges have to be observed and answered.

A child compared a big dry bottle gourd with a balloon.

A child said that we need not waste the skin of the maize and cows can eat them.

A 3 year old child taught 11 months old Krishna to walk.


Many children spoke in appreciation about the beauty of Chinese pen holder.

Few compared the stand’s color with carrot.

When we gave tamarind for taste, a 3 year old child spoke about the color and compared with brown color tablet. Its uses were also spoken.

Children spoke about many nouns and actions through books. They imitated us and a child taught Thirukural perfectly.

A 2.5 year old child said that sun will come in 7 horses and we want to know what the mother [our helper] has replied. She must have said that the 7 horses are 7 colors.

A 3 year old child spoke much in detail about jack fruit after seeing the picture.

A child compared dhrusti doll face with Kathakali face.

A child was given a toy car and he asked for petrol. The parents were surprised to know his IQ.

Children welcomed their parents and showed them the new tools bought for the center.

A 2.75 year old child described about the huge doll in our center and she said that even the doll has trimmed the hairs and nails like them.

A 2.5 year old child took the shell toy and said that shells in matching tray can be used for making models.

A 3 year old child observed the rocks and asked whether the stone lamp in the center is carved out of such similar rocky stones.



Sendurai, Poraiyar and CBE centers reopened today 4.1.2016. WE start updating the diary writing of the academic year as follows.

We are asking the teachers to plan for the 3 major UNI5 concepts based on human body. Human body and home, cell and universe and cell – home.

The required UNI5 abstract has been done and handed over with proper photos to the centers. We plan for a wooden model of the cell structure. Meanwhile Sendurai and Poraiyar will introduce the human body and temple concept through photos.

In Sendurai and CBE children came to the center will great joy and peace. No one cried after 2 weeks holidays. The day went as usual without any distraction like any other normal day. This shows the rooted regularity within children.

Sendurai center celebrates its 9th birthday and we have sent a thanking letter to all parents. Today many parents came to the center and gave the following feedback about the center.

  1. We thank the trust for providing a rich cultural based education in this village.
  2. We expect the center to expand further.
  3. We are also eager to know many higher level concepts in UNI5 way.
  4. We pray for further development.

In both centers most of the children shared their holiday experiences. Many spoke about trips, temple visits, animals, birds, TV shows, games etc.

Sendurai center also have received new activity based, pattern based models from Pondycheri. They wroth for Rs.15,000 and they have to be shown to the parents soon and photographed. We thank P.S.Swaminathan for his contribution for these tools. We have also handed over fresh new lap top for Poraiyar center. This week Dr.Madeswaran will be visiting the center for a day training and observation. He will be handing over the camera too. We thank Pranav for providing his good camera for the center use from USA.


Fruits – salad [Sendurai]

Flowers – garland [Cbe]

Real object:

Various shapes and uses of serving spoons and forks. [Sen]

Ridge gourd [Cbe]

Role play:

Do not find fault always with others [Sen]

Do not litter the place where you live [Cbe]


Sun – formation of 7 colors with new materials. [Sen]

How to do planation in kitchen garden? [Cbe]

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