''Kuda malai yaati'' alas Kolur Mookambika Devi

''KUDA MALAI YAATI '' - Mookambika temple

King Cheran Chenguttuvan and his royal queen Venmol [2 A.D] respected the great deed of noble woman Kannagi.

Because of her people pf Madurai were initiated with the awareness of honesty and justice.

People considered her as the incarnation of Sakthi against injustice.

Chera Queen wished to honor Kannagi in a most special way by carving her figure in a monolith stone from Himalayas [symbol of highest awareness] and giving sacred bath in Ganga [symbol of purity and acceptance]

This is now named as Kannagi Kottam [getting ruined because of governments' ignorance].

This located at the height of 4321 ft in western Ghats in Kumbam .

During the installation of the idol many kings were invited. One among them was Kosar king. Kosag kings ruled the western part of Karnataka and north Kerala. They ruled the Western Ghats - KUDAJADRI.

The king accepted the Kannagi worship and installed an unique stone with a golden mark in memory of the deity in Kudjadri within a small granite shine.

Later in 7th century A.D, Aacharya Aadhi Shankara refined and made several changes in the worshiping pattern. He installed the energy of Mysore Chamundy as Saraswathy in that shrine.

The ancient Kannagi shrine is Mookambika temple.

Shankara while transforming the Sakti from Mysore installed that in Kolur.

Present Kolur upon Kudajadri hills is the temple is the later refined shrine through Shankara. But still we can visit Kuajadri and see many things in connection with ancient cult.

Tribal instrumentation is very important in day to day temple rituals.

Kannagi is celebrated as ''kuda malai yatti'' - one who resides in the kudajadri - kuda malai - western hills.

She is also being celebrated as the manifestation of Vani, Ramaa and Uma who stood against injustice in Pandiya's court.

Mamallapuram - legend upon rocks - English version
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