Most precious perfumes and 300 silver coins - Christmas message

Before 2000 years...
Pasca - the festival in early Jewish Israel
''We wish to know where you wish to have the Pasca feast?'' - asked Jesus's disciples.
''Get inside the town. A man will fetch water in mud pot and come before you. Just follow him and he will enter into his master's home. Ask the master about the place where I can have my Pasca feat with you all. He will show the upstairs big hall. It is enough for us with all requirements.'' - says Jesus.
As he said 2 of his disciples did.
It was evening, everyone gathered. Christ says, ''One among you eating with me will betray, I am clear''
By hearing this disciples were confused and asked one it was.
Jesus says, ''He is one among the 12. He is eating through my plate.
The same person Yudas question Mary Magdalene about the most expensive scent when she poured and adorned them at the feet of Christ before. The disciple was worried about 300 silver coins rather than the ritual which cleansed Mary's vasanas.
These 2 events shows us that even though God live with us in a human form and talk to us, it is very difficult for us to release us from the materialistic ego which is the seed for sins. The power of ignorance can be cleansed only by selfless compassion and service to all beings.
In this Christmas time we think these 2 events. We question about our own self. Rituals are done for various purposes. But they have to be understood and performed. But at the same time it is important for us to understand that gold many be precious for us but not for other. Values of life differs based on materials.
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