Our first day on reopening….Coimbatore UNI5 center talks for 2016

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Namma Veedu UNI5 Infancy center – COIMBATORE

Updated observations till 24.6.2016

Our first day on reopening….

We reopened the center on June 8th after summer holidays. Anandhi says that she does not face any unwanted tension like last year. This is the reflection of the experience in handling the center. I got the exact point of handling the new crying children based on their needs and this made easy for me to settle them. Children observed the prepared environment with much focus. Many old children who came after this leave became little more matured and independent from helpers.

Usha Rani says that many cried. First I was scared but later I started handling them. Old students take much responsibility in settling new ones. I have the confidence that fresh children will settle with me soon and it is happening. Each child has his or her own way of attachment and approach with every one of us and we give that space.

Raji says that every new child settled with every one of us. Our fresh staff also knew how to handle them. This is old students are 10 in number which makes a difference. They started teaching the new ones. I feel easy this year than last year.

Valsama and Sudha [helpers] say that teachers were able to settle the new crying ones.

Sumathy – coordinator says that old students came with more settled mind and they took work and moved easily with new children. This year we made the admission one after the other and not as bulk, which made easy for us. WE can have a good silence time.

Unique observations:

  • When I was talking I saw a new 3 year old child approaching the helper for assistance at toilet.
  • I can also see 1 or 2 crying and all are enjoying various activities.
  • Children are easily approaching the staff members and helpers.
  • They have free space for letting out their voice, actions and work.
  • Few children are rude and this attitude has to be changed.
  • Creativity of old students has been developed says Sumathy. They come forward to narrate the stories and songs with their own imagination. They guide the new ones very well.
  • There is no unwanted confusion and sound in the center.
  • Within 4 days of time our staff has started UNI5 concepts.
  • More focus they have to put in observation especially in filtering and conveying to Sendurai team. Simple basic observations can be documented in child’s note and only very unique observations must reach the trust.
  • Staff must learn from Sendurai how to observe the children who are at the developmental phase of language.
  • More observations from 1 year – 3 years is the highlight of the infancy UNI5 system which is under research.
  • By June 30 we are closing the admission for this term. Now we have 23 children. 11 among them are old.
  • A BOY CHILD WITH SPECIAL NEED WHO IS NOW 4.3 YEARS HAS TO BE FOCUSED. His parents do not focus in proper medication and it is a question of handling him.
  • The parents need to focus in speech therapy, other alternative doctor for special needs of this boy. The boy shows lot of hyper tantrums. We can have him till March 2017. This has to be very clearly conveyed to the parents. He has much allergy for food. His parents need to change a lot.
  • The child puts everything in mouth. He is not given a chance to taste other than boiled rice and dhal daily. His parents say that he is allergic to all vegetables and fruits. How to solve this?
  • Before October his parents must see a good doctor to know the current state of the child and produce the certificate, based on which we can make some solutions.
  • A Down syndrome girl [4 years] child is undergoing many good transformations. But she has to be cared for speech.
  • Let this year continue with the same pattern of work.
  • All our children got admission in good schools which they deserved.
Diary writing in SENDURAI UNI5 CENTER - June, 2016
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