Poraiyar Andavar Middle School homages the senior biochemist Late.Dr.N.Abitha Devi through Science exhibition, January, 2016

Sakthi Foundation
Report about Poraiyar Center - Dr.M.Madeswaran, January 2016

I made a visit to Poraiyar UNI5 center on 8th and 9th of January 2016. It is very nice to see the center in new small hall roofed with asbestos. The center is also having toilet now. The center generally looked clean. There was distraction by these children to higher grades and vise versa as we have moved to this new building.

A memorable day in my life...
I have been invited to Andavar middle school. When I went there it was a great surpriase and shock for me to see students of grades 7 and 8 being ready with an exhibition which we has suggested long back. The topis was about health and kitchen.

அடுப்படியே மருத்துவமனை
அம்மாவே மருத்துவர்
உணவே மருந்து

[Kitchen is the hospital with mother as doctor and food as best medicine] is the special proveb in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Very ofter famous traditional doctor of Kerala Mohanan Vaidhyar says this to public.

The topic has been well understood by the staff team and students.
Teachers have guided well with correct information.
Fruits, native vegetables, hers and greens, milk and milk products, spices were the topics handled by children.
Children have brought the respective food products from their home which we use in day to day life.
The probes were so simple and natural.
Students presented with 3 minutes which is very important.
There was no hand written lenghthy matters and charts.
Talk and show was direct. But next time they must be trained to present not like a parrot talking.
There was no too many scientific details about the food items but practical information about important health issues and remodies with respective food item.

Traditional VILLU PAATU was also presented based on health and food.
A skit about modern hospitals and home ailments was well presented.
The message was good: We need not get tensed and spend our time and money for very simple health issues in hospitals.

An ever silver plate with a good quality ice cream was given to all students.
Behalf of Sakthi Foundation they requested for a good computer and projector. Dr.Pradheep Challiyill has donated a very costly lap top and projector from USA and this has to be handed over to Andavar school from Coimbatore.

Mr.Venkatesan [School correspondant] spoke with Mr.Rajkumar [Accountant] about the quotation for new construction and donation through Ms.Marie from USA. Rs.50,000 cheque has been handed over to Mr.Ramesh [Engineer] as directed by the trust accountant.

Rs.10,000 donated by T.S.Mohanasundaram [Chennai] has been totally used to repair many damages after the rain flood and it has been shown to me.

I have addressed the whole staff team regarding Dr.Rajamuni's appointment and care taking. We have asked him to join in school in 3rd week of January after Pongal festival.

The day Dr.Pradheep had seminar in Coimbatore PSG college of arts and science was on December 3rd. The day has been dedicated to our respectful HOD Late Dr.N.AbithaDevi. I was waiting to join in that tto give a talk about her. But I could not go to Coimbatore because of flood in Chennai. This made me very sad.

But Andavar School exhibition was dedicated to her as we planned earlier. I was given the chance by nature to render my gratitude to my GURU. I spoke in depth about Dr.N.AbithaDevi.

We have planned to give a good valid certificate through trust and school to each student who took part in the exhibition and next year we can hand over a rolling cup in name of madam to best team.

Asusual the lunch was so grand.

Andavar school has requested for a simple but good basic lab setup from us. We have to work it out.

In June 2016 the first batch of student who underwent Montessori system will go to middle school and they will be observed.

We thank Mr.Venkatesan and his crew for a great support.
With regards.,

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