Poraiyar UNI5 center - Monthly report - June 2016

Sakthi Foundation
This center is located inside a government aided school for fisher men clove where cildren from 1 - 5 years are learning.
Diary writing for each month - 2016 - 2017


Role plays

* We have to help our parents at home situation.

* Share your compassion with all.

* Respcet every one around you.

* Do not quarrel with others, abuse other when you are angry.

* How to set up a material and start working? [Step by step process]

* Concept of grounding when we do unacceptable actions.

* Ramzan role play started.

Real objects

garlic, plums fruit, banana, mary gold, jasmin, drum stick, ginger, potato and rose.

UNI5 concepts
Introduction to Earth, sand and soil, farms, desert, types of soils.

General activities

Tuesday - Tulsi pooja
Thursday - Ganga arthi
Friday - Devi pooja
cutting - pasting, drwaing and coloring, paper work, making garlands with artificial paper flowers and vegetable cutting.

Why they have not shown energy concept?

Unique observation of this month:
* ''We all have a skin like this garlic'' - 2 year old child.

* A child said that dry leaf does not get attached to magnets.

* Children are aware about the mantra chanting while arranging Sriyanthra wooden puzzle.

* ''Desert and sea shore have lot of sand'' - 2.5 year old child.

* ''Clods pour rain and wter the plants'' - 1.75 year old child.

* ''Many objects can float in water like boats and ships in our sea'' - 2.5 year old child.

* A child offered her food to Devi idol daily before eating.

* A child observed our puddles and sand after heavy rain and said that they look like islands.

* A child observed the flowing rain water and said that it looks like canal.

* When it was raining a child said that we need to observe the weather and change the chart.

* A child went out and stood upon sand and said that she is standing upon Earth [2.5 years old]

* A child said that sand in rivers are helping us to build houses.

* A 4 year old child said that ground nuts also grow like potato.

* A 3.5 year old child said that garlic looks beautiful as they are well arranged in a circular pattern.

* A child said that mountains take the shape of solid cones.

Coimbatore UNI5 center - June 2016 , Report
Sabarimala of women hood - Aattukaal Pongaala

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