Pungeri UNI5 Center - Kanchipuram District - Parents' feedback - December, 2015

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Pungeri UNI5 Center - Parents' Feedback - December - 2015

* A 5 year old child has requested her grandparents to buy a dustbin to put all the wastes before she come next time.

* A 5 year old child is very clear about various facts of sun light and energy.

* A 5 year old child is able to clean many vessels, especially traditional vessels for rituals and decorate them well.

* A 5 year old child is able to create her own stories and songs.

* Many children demand their parents to drop them in the center.

* Children are able to recite Sanskrith shlokas with proper tune in home also.

* Children are enough matured to accept what we say.

* A 4 year old child is able to name many objects with correct names.

* Children are able to adjust and share their objects with siblings.

* Children share many events at home with UNI5 center.

* Few children need more vegetables at home for eating. [Impact of real object]

* Few children do not share anything about the center.

* Many children have become independent in taking care of themselves.

* Many children are able to have good social skills.

* Few new children are unable to place the objects at home in respective places like in center.

* Few have developed natural eagerness to write.

* Children are now aware about solar system.

* Few demand their parents to allow them to observe the nature, weather etc.

* Few children are able to draw well and put kolams.

* Many children are much aware about the body neatness and dressing patterns.

* Many children can see the books, newspapers and talk about various pictures related to them.

* Few demands to go to the center even when they are sick.

* Many demand their siblings to follow their ground rules like brushing teeth, taking bath etc.

* Children are aware about toilet neatness.

* Children are aware about shapes, colors and nature.

* Children are able to assist us at home situations.

* Children talk much with their siblings.

* Children are able to accept their mistakes and ask sorry.

* Children like to observe night sky.

We thank the staff team for these transformations.

With regards.,



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