Pungeri UNI5 center - Report on 22.1.2016

Pungeri UNI5 Center – Kanchipuram Dt.

Report by Dr.M.Madeswaran on 22.1.2016


I am happy to see the proper maintenance of the working environment and materials. Children are neat and prompt in coming to the center. I can feel the support of the local people as same as before.

2 children were crying and one among them is new. One child is coming after a long holiday.

As the centers flooring was damaged by flood they have taken time for re-settling.

I have insisted about the development of good language of staff team. They need to update with all prints regarding UNI5 concepts. The center is being recommended for a good PC for various purposes.

One of the 4 year old child attended a local gathering and exhibited her talent of recitation and spoken skills which has been much appreciated by the public.

Still the environment needs to be maintained well like Sendurai or Coimbatore.

Parents are aware about the higher level UNI5 syllabus and few parents have said that their children are talking about concepts which are in their elder child’s texts.

We came to know children stay here till 5 years old and leave to government school. So next year in that case the staff team needs to focus much in Language and mathematical skills. Children are good in social skills and eating habits also. Dairy writing tips has been given along with 5 UNI5 concepts teaching. They are updating with Sendurai team.

The management concerned with the center has not taken any steps in getting NOCs listed out by the state government. They have been very strongly told by us that we will support them for salary only when they get NOCs before May 2016.

All the best!

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