Pungeri village parents's feedback about their children - June 2015

Parents’ feedback for these 2 months....

Mother of a 4 years old boy

‘’This is the 2nd year for my child. He is very good in behaving and his intelligence. He listens to us and we also tell calmly. He can relate any picture and talk about it. He likes to write also. But it has to be insisted. He is well prepared for his grade 1. I appreciate the center for cultivating much inner order within children at this young age. I am able to earn Rs.5000 now for my poor family per month which is just because of this center and our staff cares much.’’

Mother [helper] of a 4 year old girl

‘’This is the 2nd year for her. Still she is angry and it has to be insisted. Because of my anger she reflects that and she is very good in winding up. She follows the order of wishing us in morning when she wakes up. She prays immediately in bed she wakes up and her elder sister also follows that. Her tooth ache makes her to feel that she has to follow that role play of tooth cleaning daily.[Mother must be like the helper at home]’’

Grandfather of a 2.5 year old boy

‘’My grandson is good and he enjoys coming to this center. He follows our instructions. This center is very good for pre - schooling. My other grandson in higher grade cries every day to go to school.’’

Mother of a 2 year old child, [comes from a long distance]

‘’He is able to talk clearly. Able to rhymes and numbers. He likes to pray and focus in rituals. His language skills are evolving. His behavior is good and I am happy with the center. I have a doubt whether I can do this for him at home.’’

Mother of a 4 .8 years old boy,

‘’He is improving his writing skills. Good in hand writing. I like his songs. I talk with him every day about his school timing. He communicates very much. He likes to come here and he wants to stay more. He performs poojas at home too. He takes care of himself. He is very particular in putting the dress in washing corner and cleans his father’s tea cup and comments. My elder son studying in English medium schools does not have this boy’s behavior’’

Mother of a 4 year boy

‘’He is regular in coming to the school than last year. He prepares himself to come to school. I like the culture and traditions followed in this year.’’

Father of a 4.5 old year old girl and 2 year old child

‘’Children take care of themselves and study well. Now they too listen to us. They enjoy singing and dancing. I am happy about the teachers and their conduct. Our neighbors appreciate our children very well for their IQ’’

Mother of a 3.5 year old girl

‘’My girl prepares herself for the school. She likes the rituals and writes well. She sings very well.’’

Father of a 3 year old boy

‘’His social skills are good and his language is developing. He sings but I cannot understand. He is very active and he fears when I am not there when he wakes up. He talks much about animals, birds and vegetables.’’

Mother of a 3.5 old girl

‘’My girl just wants to come here and she never allows me to enter into school without taking bath and she use mat for mopping, she dusts the home and cares herself. I admire her actions. Her behavior is good. She refuses to eat without a napkin. She follows very excellent table manners. She never allows assisting me and she talks much around a picture from any book and her IQ is good. Once she spoke much about a plant unknown to us. I am very happy about opening the center in our village. She does not allow me even to keep an egg for lunch saying that the center says ‘’no’’ to non-vegetarian for lunch.’’

Helper about the infant who is coming from 3rd month to this center

‘’He observes the sand paper letter sounds. I am learning to observe a child. His developments are fast compared to previous 2 boys. He can listen to me and respond. He accepts with all adults. He is also independent. He is able to verbalize many words. Now he is 9 months old.’’

Mother of a 4.5 year old girl,

‘’Her English vocabulary skills are good. She writes her name in English. Her mother tongue skill is good and she accepts all children and show real compassion. Her social skills are good. Once she saved her cousin from a wild monkey. She has kindness for others. This year the center has changed a lot and she demands that the home must look clean and good and finishes her work very well. Without prayers she never eats.’’

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