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There is only one Truth and a single path to Truth, only views are different.

Mission of Sakthi Foundation is to unify everyone by helping to understand that their views are only different levels of expressions of one single concept (Energy). This unification or unity in diversity is Peace or love or happiness, which is established only by embracing our view with others view and contemplate why the views differ.

Please discuss all topics in this blog with the above intention. We can discuss here Atheism, all Religions, Spirituality, Science in connection to body, mind, intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness.

To achieve this we are giving you a template where you can identify your views and others view. This will guaranteed Unity, peace, love and happiness. With this Universal template, all difference of opinion between religions, science will melt away like heat melting all different ice cubes to pure water.

Five templates that will unify all our thoughts.
Check if our view is based on the knowledge we got from our
1. physical senses
2. Our personal strong likes and dislikes'
3. A logical pattern
4. connection to our Self
5. That is universal to all at times.

We will find that every view of us is at one of the five levels. The higher level is that which stays for longer and universal. This view will bring peace and happiness in our lives.

Uni5 visit to Malaysia and Singapore - April-May 2016 - a report

''Every action done by us has to be well reasoned and understood'' - says Buddha.
The 13 days wisdom trip to east Asia - Malaysia and Singapore [April, May 2016] by DR.Madeswaran.M after the trip made by Dr.Pradheep Challiyill in December 2015 has made new thinking process among the Indian society residing there in the field of education, parenting, teacher-student relation and spiritualism.
The 2 years trip made by them has made the Indian society to understand the Uni5 system. It is clearky understood that Dr.Pradheep lays the foundation upon which Dr.Madeswaran constructs the theme.
The selfless service rendered by Mr.VelMurugan and his team in Malaysia has made us to give 2 solid days workshop about successful parenting in a Government Tamil School.
The impact of previous workshop has been taken by the society and most of them came with many transformations. The second day session was very challenging about single parenting and teen age group. That was serious also. Teachers have requested for a special 2 days workshop in December.
The dedication given by Mr.VelMurugan and his family with team in organizing the talks is being well respected with great thanks!
We gave a talk about the historical approach of Lord Ayyappa and need for his worship in newly erected Ayyappa temple.
We thank Mr.Anandha Mani was arranging the visa for second time and he has taken in-charge of Maha Chandi Homam from this year. We performed 1 homam in his home.
After 3 days we were under the humble selfless care of Mr.and Ms.Thanigai Gopal and his family. He and his team members have done a great service to Indian society at awareness level. The efforts they have taken in 2 years have made Sakthi foundation and Uni5 system to get rooted in this nation.
Every one worked with selfless nature and their only aim was to take the facts and truth to mass. There was no single stress for us. 
Mr.Deepan, Mr.Shanmuga Priyan, Mr.Moorthy and Mr.Parasu - others have made several arrangements. Senior personalities in various fields attended our sessions. This is because of their efforts.
Mr.SathishKumar has rendered his service in transport which cannot be forget.
Every one worked for solid hours, ran to venue and made the sessions.
1. 2 days UNI5 periya puranam
2. One day parenting session
3. Kanchi Maha Swamigal
4. Sakthi peetams
5. Raavendra swamigal
Many said that SAL ENERGY concept is well defined and easy to understood. The need for worship and rituals through Vedic tradition is being well focused with Guruji's guidance.
Many said that their vision in spirituality has changed.
Parenting session was well taken through teen age groups' needs.
Very senior people in various service, VIPs have recognized the Uni5 aspect of approaching any field.
People have also kept request for various topics in December. They also wait for Dr.Pradheep.
We thank members of foundation, teachers and others for making the back ground in these years for this good take off.
We thank DR.Pradheep and Guruji for guiding.
Let us grow......
with gratitude
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Year end review in Sendurai - April'2016

Namma Veedu Infancy UNI5 center – Sendurai

Meetings for the final week of the term


Teachers say that there are 100 concepts have to be presented around pancha bhoothas.

For this they need 1 complete year.

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Poraiyar uni5 center, schools visit report - 11.3.2016

Dear members, friends.,

I was in Poraiyar UNI5 center in Nagapattinam Dt on 11.3.2016.

After a strong advice and guidance I saw the reorganizing attitude among the team.

Materials looked clean, repaired, some more to get repaired andedd the center was active.


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Feedback shared by Singapore and Malaysian parents and teachers in our Uni5 childhood - parenting workshops on December 27th and 28th - 2014

Sakthi Foundation

Feedback shared by Singapore and Malaysian parents and teachers in our Uni5 childhood - parenting workshops on December 27th and 28th - 2014

''The workshop is very useful and I am satisfied. I have learned how to train the children'' - Mr.Balaranga

''It was very nice and useful program. It was helpful to me. I would like to thank you very much'' - Mr.Badrachalamoorthi

''Thanks for the talk. I am learning so many things which helps me to handle my grandson very much'' - Ms.Letchumi

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Pungeri UNI5 Center - Kanchipuram District - Parents' feedback - December, 2015

Sakthi Foundation

Pungeri UNI5 Center - Parents' Feedback - December - 2015

* A 5 year old child has requested her grandparents to buy a dustbin to put all the wastes before she come next time.

* A 5 year old child is very clear about various facts of sun light and energy.

* A 5 year old child is able to clean many vessels, especially traditional vessels for rituals and decorate them well.

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Coimbatore parents talk about their children's development - December, 2015




  1. Children are aware about physical neatness and better look of the place where they use at home and school.
  2. A child drew a big circle and said that he has drawn a sun and also spoke about uses of sun light with UNI5 songs.
  3. Many children ask to show the night sky.
  4. Children ask lot of questions and reasons.
  5. Very young children have learned to say sorry.
  6. Most of the children are familiar with many geometrical shapes, colors and textures. They are able to relate them with various objects in and around them.
  7. Development of good toilet and table manners is obvious among many children.
  8. Children happily share their center experiences with parents in evening and demand them to share the time for that.
  9. Domestic habits like brushing teeth, taking bath etc are good and children are independent.
  10. Children knew to replace the objects at respective places.
  11. A 3 year old child stopped his mother spoon feeding him. He said that teacher asked to use the own hand to eat as he is growing.
  12. Children like to do guest treatment at home.
  13. Children are bold and confident in having communication with third person.
  14. Children assist us at homes.
  15. Children teach many UNI5 concepts to us.
  16. Few children have learned to do Surya namskaram at home.
  17. Many talk about the various uses of various natural bodies like trees.
  18. New children have developed good team work and social skills.
  19. Children spoke much about Christmas, Christmas trees and Christ birth.

We expect the staff to ask for feedback about photo sessions and video sessions also.

We thank the team for getting a good – correct report under the guidance of Ms.Sumathy Sivakumar and Mr.Sureshkumar.M.

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Poraiyar Andavar Middle School homages the senior biochemist Late.Dr.N.Abitha Devi through Science exhibition, January, 2016

Sakthi Foundation
Report about Poraiyar Center - Dr.M.Madeswaran, January 2016

I made a visit to Poraiyar UNI5 center on 8th and 9th of January 2016. It is very nice to see the center in new small hall roofed with asbestos. The center is also having toilet now. The center generally looked clean. There was distraction by these children to higher grades and vise versa as we have moved to this new building.

A memorable day in my life...
I have been invited to Andavar middle school. When I went there it was a great surpriase and shock for me to see students of grades 7 and 8 being ready with an exhibition which we has suggested long back. The topis was about health and kitchen.

அடுப்படியே மருத்துவமனை
அம்மாவே மருத்துவர்
உணவே மருந்து

[Kitchen is the hospital with mother as doctor and food as best medicine] is the special proveb in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Very ofter famous traditional doctor of Kerala Mohanan Vaidhyar says this to public.

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Poraiyar UNI5 center - Parents feedback for October and November-2015

Sakthi Foundation

Poraiyar UNI5 center – Parents’ feedback for October and November 2015

Parents' feedback for the month October, 2015

1. Many children care the plants at center and home.

2. Children share all events at home which they have under went for that day.

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Observation about 11 months old infant in Coimbatore UNI5 center by his mother-December, 2015

Ms.VijiSenthilkumar observes and reports about the development of her 11 months old son in UNI5 center. She was our very first teacher.

  1. My child is very calm and well settled emotionally.
  2. He always likes us not to raise the voice level.
  3. He has developed the inner regularity to pray.
  4. He has the liking to observe and hold the hanging objects.
  5. He uses his hands very well.
  6. He likes to choose hammering material.
  7. We are giving wooden pounding to him.
  8. He wants his father’s warmth much.
  9. He observes the elder’s talks.
  10. He enjoys the center activities at home also.
  11. He is able to understand our convey.
  12. He is more understanding with body language.
  13. He explores any object.
  14. He is being introduced to many natural tastes.
  15. He knew that his father is taking to the center.
  16. He expresses his love to his father by gestures.
  17. He is aware about body parts and words.
  18. He likes the mixed age group very much.
  19. He can repeat our actions.
  20. I am comfortable when I take him out.
  21. He has a calm sleep all across the night.
  22. He is under mother feed.
  23. He can taste all types of food.
  24. He likes to play physically.
  25. He mingles with all teachers and helpers.
  26. He wants to turn the pages in any book one by one.
  27. He is being introduced all age related activities in the center for infancy level.

[Dhanajeya Krishnan.S.V is being with us since 9 month old]

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Ms.Vijisenthilkumar[first co-coordinator] comments about Coimbatore UNI5 center.

Ms.Viji’s observation about the center.

‘’Over all I am satisfied about the dedication of the new staff team. They come to the level of the child and convey the message. They do not have shyness. They give first preference to children. They are much interested in rituals. They also do the uni5 presentations very well. I feel UNI5 concepts are perfect for this age. Circle time activities are more important. I also repeat that for my son. MANY REALTIVES COMMENTED THAT I AM STREWSSING MY SON. But I am explaining the truth behind the development. I feel 2 special children have to be handled with care and they cannot hurt others. We all work together. We do not have any ego in handling any things.’’

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Parents' feedback in Pungeri village UNI5 center - October, 2015

Namma Veedu Infancy UNI5 Center


December review – Dr.M.Madeswaran. Date: 17.12.2015

Dr.Pradheep’s visit on December 3rd, 2015

He observed 3 major concepts. Human body and temple, sun and sakthi peetam were presented. Few guests from Kerala also came. He was satisfied with the presentations and gave few suggestions. He asked to replace the 7 horses depicting vibgyor according to wave length. In temple concept he has asked to place the dwara palakas as eyes and chandikeshwara as ear. He also suggested for upadevathas as extras parts of human body. He connected each endocrine gland with temple parts. Respective pictures or tiny models have to be given to the center for further development of the material. He said that he was much satisfied with all activities. Weather chart and thithi chart were also observed by him.

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Feed Back Of Parents - Sendurai, October - 2015

Feed Back Of Parents - Sendurai, October - 2015
1. New children are  able to use the  hands while sneezing. 
2. Most of the infants are developing good spoken language skills.
3. Children are respecting each other, elders and guests.
4.  In very young age our children are able to count, identify sounds of Tamil and English.
5. Children are able to use Sanskrith language in their communication.
6. Children around 4 years are developing good writing and neat hand writing skills with pencils.
7. Children have started changing their adamant attitude.
8. Children are able to understand parents and accept their words.
9. They are independent in toilet, food and dressing habits.
10. Many children have gained self-confidence and started developing good social skills.
11. Children's shyness have changed.
12. Children demand us to listen and communicate with them.
13. Children always wish to share their school events and emotions with them.
14. Children are asking reasons and questioning and relate.
15. Children are more aware about shapes and colors.
16. They like to convey their learning to their siblings and friends.
17. Children talking Malayalam and Kannada have started understanding and communicating in Tamil.
18. Their toilet and table manners are developing.
19. Few children have developed very good drawing skills. [A 3.5 year old child have started drawing many objects like phone, comb, fan etc]
20. Children are much aware about wearing foot wears.
21. Children can identify and verbalize the numbers, letters when they see any where.
22. Children assist us in many activities.
23. Children have developed proper prayer habit.
24. Children share their snacks and playing items also.
25. They place their objects at respective place.
26. They have natural liking for classical dance.
27. They are able to use kerchief for cleaning and blowing nose.
28. They can show their grownup nails to parents for trimming.
27. They have transformed  their short temper attitude.
28. They have love for good dressing and makeup.
29. They can behave very good in public.
30. They have an awareness about energy conversion. [A 3 year old child always asks her mother about each object and talk about energy]
31. They wanted us to know the English terms.
32. They ask their siblings and friends to love and respect all.
33. They have a very good knowledge about many food items, fruits and vegetables.
34. They are also aware about trees, land forms and plants.
35. They can give simple medicinal tips.
36. They have natural love for Indian traditional items, idols and dolls.
We thank out staff team and parents for making a good observation.
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Mr. Karunanidhi review his Sendurai uni5 center visit

Sakthi Foundation

Feedback from Mr. Karunanithi (Chennai)

About Sendurai center – September 2015

  • செந்துறை மையத்தை பார்வையிட்டது எனக்கு மிகவும் அருமையான ஒரு அனுபவமாக இருந்தது.
  • நான் மையத்தின் உள்ளே நுழைந்தவுடன் குழந்தைகள் வாழ்த்து அட்டைகளுடன் என்னை வரவேற்ற விதம் மிக நன்றாக இருந்தது.
  • என் மனதை மிகவும் கவர்ந்த விஷயம் என்னவென்றால் ஒரு மணி நேர பூஜை முடியும் வரை இந்த வயது குழந்தைகள் இவ்வளவு அமைதியாக அமர்ந்து கவனித்தது எனக்கு மிகவும் ஆச்சரியமாக இருந்தது.
  • இந்த சிறு வயதில் குழந்தைகளிடம் காணப்பட்ட கட்டுப்பாடு என்னை மிகவும் கவர்ந்தது.
  • குழந்தைகள் பூஜை பொருட்களை சரியாக பயன்படுத்திய விதம் என்னை ஆச்சரியப்பட வைத்தது.
  • இந்த மையத்தில் கொடுக்கப்படும் சுதந்தரம் என்னை மிகவும் கவர்ந்தது. இந்த குழந்தைகளுக்கு கண்டிப்பாக நல்ல ஒரு எதிர்காலம் உண்டு.
  • வெறும் கல்வி என்பது மட்டுமல்லாமல் கலாச்சாரத்தோடு கூடிய கல்வி என்பதன் அடித்தளம் இங்கு அமைக்கப்பட்டிருப்பது மிகத் தெளிவாகத் தெரிகிறது.
  • திரு. சாந்தி மற்றும் ஹேமா அவர்கள் செய்த ஐவகை நிலங்களைப் பற்றிய presentation மிக அருமையாக இருந்தது. ஐவகை நிலங்கள் பற்றி குழந்தைகளின் வயதுக்கேற்ற தகவல்களை life example – உடன் காண்பித்து குறிஞ்சி, முல்லை, மருதம், நெய்தல் என்ற நான்கு வகை நிலங்களையும் நாம் பராமரிக்காமல் விட்டால் அது பாலையாக மாறிவிடும் என்பதை குழந்தைகளுக்கு அருமையாக எடுத்துக்கூறியது மிக நன்றாக இருந்தது.

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Ms.Meena [trained for her Uni5 center] talks about Uni5 sytem

Sakthi Foundation


ABOUT COIMBATORE TRAINING (05.10.2015 – 09.10.2015)

05.10.2015 – Monday

ü  முதல் நாள் கோயம்புத்தூர் மையத்தை observe செய்தது மிகவும் நன்றாக இருந்தது.

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Swetharanyan talks about his experiences in Sendurai Uni5 center - 2015

I have reached the school by Saturday evening, but today I share the diary of 12.10.15.

Sendhurai really such a cool and calm village, I like it very much.

Went to the school, the children welcomed us with a greeting card which was nicely decorated and they gave kumkum and sandhanam. It was a very warm welcome and Shanthi mam introduced rest of the staff and helpers as we already know hema mam and jothi akka. During the material working time music will be played and here a veenai music was played and one child said change the music. Gollu was also being setup in the school in presence of the children, but none of the children left their material work to see the gollu setting or none of the children touch the idols which was kept on the floor which are to be placed on the step. The children doesn't disturb in anyway while setting up the gollu. The children here have more self-discipline and after the material works is finished a bell was rang and the children winded up their material very neatly and folded the mats and placed them were mats are kept. A dance (bharatanatiyam) video was shown to the children and all were watching and enjoying it, some even danced. During the silent time everyone was real quiet, a pin drop silence was maintained. During the circle time they were obeying and doing what the teacher has said. Like Porayar School here also it is a full working day. Afternoon, after having lunch the children went to sleep silently. During the meeting Hema mam showed us rest of the document which we have not seen in Coimbatore. Now I have got a clear picture of a uni5 Based Montessori school functioning. Thank you to all of you, who have given me the wonderful opportunity, showed and helped us in training.

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Dubai Guests visit to Sendurai Uni5 Center - report, 24.9.2015

Namma Veedu Uni5 Infancy Day Care Center – Sendurai

Guest visit – 24.9.2015

Guests: Mr.P.S.Swaminathan, Mr.Aravind Swaminathan and Mr.SanthoshKumar

Our guests were very supportive for the trust in financial and moral supports. Mr.Swaminathan came to Sendurai with his son immediately after landing in Undia on 23rd after a tedious journey. Mr.Santhoshkumart is a research person in Biochemistry in PSG College of arts and science in CBE. He is a very energetic person to grasp new ideas and he is focusing in Uni5 pattern of education.

Teachers and children gave a good welcome to the guests. We functioned even though it swas a public holiday. The guests observed various very important aspects of the center and left by evening.

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Poraiyar teachers talk about the self-transformation and children - September, 2015

Feedback from Uni5 center Poraiyar about this term – September, 20151. We have cultivated the important culture of regular prayers with rituals within us and children.2. We have now learned how to settle infancy age.3. Uni5 system is becoming more familiar to us.4. We have changed in our technique of presenting any concept after Sendurai training for a week.5. This year our interest towards Uni5 system is more and creative.6. We have learned to prepare the equipment and materials for any presentation in advance this year.7. We are now very clear that we must be child centered and give preference to child's needs than last year.8. We are also learning along with children. We need to prepare in advance for that.9. Every day is fresh and new for us and we are eager to give a new concept, fact, role play to them.10. We thank the sponsors for making us to get a good toilet and new class room.With regards.,Ms.MahalaxmiMiss.Seetha LaxmiMs.Selva NayakiTRANSFORMATIONS WITHIN THE CHILDREN FROM THE AGE OF 1 - 6 - Poraiyar Uni5 center.1. This year we have received more children in infancy age group [0 months - 3 years]2. Elder children are very responsible in assisting us, parents, settling the new children, presenting the materials and other activities.3. But we had difficulty in handling the very young age group in the beginning weeks.4. Grade 1 students who left us have great transformations and they are also doing well in studies.5. This year elder children are much influenced with writing tools and they are focusing in that.6. Children have started becoming much aware about physical level neatness.7. Children are bringing good snacks, wearing neat dresses and hand kerchief.8. Children have also carried the activities and regularity at home.9. Children are able to grasp and accept the concepts easily.10. They are sharing, adjusting, giving emotional support to each other in mixed age group.11. They have got into the natural attitude to wish, thank, say sorry etc.12. They like to share all they experience with parents at home.13. They like to bring many objects from home for real object concepts.14. They have evolved in a good language development with good respect, correct words at right contexts.15. Most of them have developed good toilet and table habits.16. They are aware about the dustbin usage.17. They are aware about weather and climate.18. They are responsible for the materials and their own objects.19. They also take care of siblings, new crying children and settle them.20. Most of them have the habit of doing prayer at home.21. They have developed conserving nature, food and water.
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PSG CAS Biochemistry students observes Coimbatore Uni5 center - 18.9.2015

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Teachers, helpers review about term 1- 2015 [Uni5 centers]

Sakthi Foundation

Uni5 Centers - Teachers, helpers review about term 1, 2015 [June - September]


Ms.Shanthi, ''This term is very nice, I am able to settle the new children soon than last year. In three months we are celebrating many festivals, many meaningful rituals are introduced to very young children. The diary writing exercise makes us to discuss and plan much about various concepts and there is a communication among all teams. Parents felt very happy about the poojas and rituals which are very special and new to them and thanked the center for giving a chance to participate. I enjoyed the Oonam very much.''

Ms.Sasi, ''I enjoyed this term. I enjoyed every function. I am happy with my child in this center. I like this diary writing and now I have a good communication. I feel we all serve for children and we feel we are realtives. I have learned many new concepts, corrected mistakes and evolving.''

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Parents feedback - August 2015, Pungeri Uni5 center

Sakthi Foundation

Vasantham Uni5 Infancy Day Care Center - Pungeri - Kanchipuram Dt


Parents feedback - August 2015

1. Children assist the parents at home, even in cooking.

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