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UNI5 approach of understanding a content of a poem...

When Pandiyan king got a doubt whether a woman's hairs will have natural fragrance, he wanted eucated Tamil scholars to clear away his doubt. He also announced this context as a competetion among poets.

There was a poor poet called Dharumi in Madurai.
He was an adrent devotee of Lord Shiva.
He was not a great poet but he was innocent and selfless.
He was longing to compte and gain the 1000 gold coins from king.

In this context a poet called Irayanaar came and handed over his poem to Dharumi and aksed to get the benefit. Dharumi was very selfless and first he refused and said that it was not his work. But as he had several plans for service with that gold, he finally accepted the poem and presented before the king and king was happy to give 1000 gold coins.

In this context Nakkeerar the chief poet of Tamil Sangam [Tamil academy] stood against this and asked the poet to explain the meaning.Dharumi could not do it. So finally he came out with shame and Irayanaar went to debate about his song.

The debate was very serious.
Irayanaar says that woman's hairs has natural fragrance and this was opposed by chief poet.
Tamil language once gave much importance to the content of the poem than beauty. The chief poet was very firm and aware that a wrong information must not reach to people and this debate came to an end by which Nakkerar realized Irayanaar was Lord Shiva. But without fear he said what shiva sang was wrong.Shiva got angry and burnt Nakeerar. This is Thiruvilayadal Puranam's surface level version and understanding.

Now we see this debate in UNI5 approach.
Nakeerar and Irayaan both are correct in their.

According to Nakeerar a woman's hairs does not ave natural fragrance.

But the woman mentioned by Irayanaar was not the woman in appearance. It is woman's nature of atman in birth.[பெண்மை - பிறப்புகளின் வாசனை]

Hairs in Indian symbolism is the symbol of self ego and that nature is being denoted with the term vaasana or smell which causes our birth.

So what Irayanaar said Nakeerar was unable to understand and finally he was made to realize which is burning his ignorance by Shiva.

This song is documented in Kurunthogai. [Sangam Tamil Literature]

This song is being engraved in Poets shrine in Meenakshi temple in Madurai.

So it is always important to analyze the levels of understanding. UNI5 helps us a lot.

With regrads,
Dr.M.Madeswaran - Dr.Pradheep Kumar
19.6.2016, Madras

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