Internal war 

       Major difference between "Sanatana Dharma" or Vedic  tradition is that other spiritual traditions ask man to give up desires, because desires is the root cause of all pain and sufferings. A practical question is how to give up desires when even giving up desire itself a desire. It is impractical to live life without desires. Vedic tradition says there is no problem in desires but the root cause of pain and suffering is because we lose the awareness of our true "Self". (please do not skip reading  the previous page for details).

         There is always the factor of Ego in us that prevent us from being in the state of Awareness or true Self. This internal war between the Ego and the transcendence to our true self is the theme of Vedic-Puranas. The war between the Devas (Gods) and Asuras (demons) is our own  internal war. Every time when the Gods or Devas forget their won nature (True Self), they lose their power and are driven out of heaven by the Asuras (pain and suffering). They would finally seek refuge in intellect or pure Consciousness (Vishnu) and Awareness (shiva) (details in Puranas section).

Loss of Awareness of the Self leads to suffering

      Whatever actions we may be involved if we are not aware of our Self and do not take steps in progressing in our evolutionary journey, then in the form of pain and suffering we will be mercilessly be pushed forward. As we said  earlier like driving the car we can talk and listen to music but cannot afford to lose the awareness of driving and also keep track of the directions. If we do not keep of directions again it is a pain to get back to the right road.

     We started from Pancha Bhoota healing giving you this direction to evolve forward without undergoing pain and suffering in the life's journey. All the health approaches would seem to take care of the body, but in the deeper level, the five steps help you to strengthen your intellect and then be aware of your true self.

     The final stages in the journey is to completely purify the mind from the grips of the Ego thought "I". This is achieved by understanding the Upanishads which is simplified as Bhagavad Gita. Gita helps one to transcend the Ego and attain Self-realization.

     Sakthi Gita is the practical approach of living the essence of Bhagavad Gita and complete the Journey to the Source. This is the easiest way to get relief from pain and sufferings of life.



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