Selftual denotes complete Self Awareness.

Pregnancy is a gift to womanhood to realize the phenomenon of creation. When we mean Selftual, we mean to have the Awareness of one's own self. Pregnancy is an experience of a woman to all her thoughts concentrated on one object, here the child. Here the mother tries to keep total focus on the child, instead of allowing the mind wandering outside. This is the greatness of the experience of pregnancy. Through this experience, a mother gets transformed internally. But the tragedy is that most of the women take pregnancy as a  mechanical  act that one ought to do in life.

   Pregnancy brings a woman to be aware of her body, actions and thoughts. Whatever she does, eats , drinks , she always has only one thought, thought of the child. There is a joy in that transcendence to awareness.

A mother is the most respected individual in the world because she is the first person to make an individual "Selftual", even before the individual could try after birth. A mother has the potential to completely transform the personality of an individual in the pregnancy stage. A mother being connected to the child and the environment around in a positive manner can completely transform the child to a great human being. This way each and every atom of the child's body and thoughts are build with highest awareness.

    In this section we bring knowledge about pregnancy care right from the pre-preparation to final delivery and mother and child care. it would be good for mothers to read the entire content of this web site to get a holistic view.

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