Sakthi (Energy) is the Universal Mother of creation.

Mother (Sakthi) is the foundation of all creation. Pregnancy is akin to the process of the birth of the entire universe. Pregnancy is the means through which a woman  experiences her creative power. The power of a woman lies in her "motherliness".  This is why we say "Mother Earth" rather than "Father Earth".

   Motherhood is the basis for structuring the whole of creation. Every parent should realize this importance before planning the birth of their child. Through every child a whole new world is created.

   Pregnancy can be considered as building a foundation for a beautiful building. The stronger the foundation, the greater will be the lifespan of the building. This foundation is formed by a mother and father. The Mother dictates the future of the child's physical and mental health. A father provides support to the mother and child by maintaining a stress free environment. Father's role does not end in the physical union with the mother but in every step throughout pregnancy and through birth and childhood to adulthood.

   Take care to lay this foundation strong both at the physical and the mental level. Most of the parents ignore this fact and later had to suffer along with the kid when the child undergoes physical and mental diseases. If we take care in each and every step while building a house, or a car for that matter anything, then later we can spend less time and energy for repairs and maintenance.

   What we did in pregnancy cannot be corrected. Like baking cookies or biscuits, once it is done, it is done. So take proper care and avoid regretting the past. We are open to help you at every step in your pregnancy , because we desire to see a wonderful world devoid of "Suffering".

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