How did the Rishi's discover the Eternal Truth? - II

A Special request to readers - understanding this page and the previous page is most crucial to understand the whole of Vedic and its Spiritual Knowledge. So Please read this with full attention.

From the previous page we understood that the mind (thoughts) wanders externally through the world of objects using the sense organs. In other instances, it is depressed of the past events and anxious of the future. In some other moments it relishes on the past happy moments and excited about the future. Or the other combinations.

Awareness - Witnessing

   To summarize, at any moment, the mind is wandering and not present in the present (current)moment. The real potential of any individual lies in his or her Awareness state. It is the state of potentialities, possibilities, creativeness, ingeniousness,  body's involuntary actions (also called as healing), Energy, Bliss, Peace and "Being" or Spirit, Love. 

Awareness is the "Power of Now". It is in the present moment. The mind and the Ego is always in the past or the future. the awareness is the present. To be in awareness is the Spirit. This is where "inspiration" comes from.

   To be Spiritual means to be in this state of Awareness. To be religious is different from being Spiritual. The fundamental aim of religion is to make an individual spiritual but caught in the web of organization, only very few end-up being Spiritual.

It is this Awareness state that is referred as the Individual-Soul or Jeeva-Atma in Sanskrit. 

The Rishi's have discovered this beautiful state of Awareness and created two great technologies Yoga and Meditation, which modern people are feeling the greatness of it in this 21st century, just by skimming on its surface. Deep diving into this state, one will discover the rare pearls of Cosmic secrets.

    Among a few Rishi's who dived deep into the "River" of Awareness, countable ones swam into the Ocean of Consciousness and experienced bewilderness. Without a proper trainer (Guru) going into this deep Ocean of Consciousness can be dangerous, like swimming from river to the Ocean. This is why this knowledge was kept as Mystic or Secret. In Vedic Tradition without a Master (Guru), it is impossible to get this knowledge. Only under the tutelage of a Guru, an individual can get this Eternal Knowledge, superior to the Objective knowledge of the objects.

Purpose of the technology of Yoga and Meditation:

     The fundamental purpose of Yoga and Meditation is to help humanity to enjoy bliss and Peace and not suffering in life. Suffering is because of ignorance of this field of Awareness. The great Vedic teacher Yogi Patanjali, devised Ashtanga Yoga, the Eight Fold steps towards this state of Awareness. It is the most logical and "the" way to Spiritual enlightenment.

     Elsewhere we will discuss how this body-sense-Mind-Intellect path is the foundation of Yoga and Meditation. It is a step by step process without each leading to the next like steps in a ladder leading to the heights of Awareness.

     Awareness is the Seat of all Miracles and powers called "Siddhi's". The Kundalini Shakthi described is also seated in this State. All have used Yoga and Meditation to reap the different powers and knowledge.  Next page we describe the different branches of knowledge they were able to excel.

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