Jyothish -2 (Vedic Astrology)


Vedic Rishis (Ancient Scientists) had the deepest insight to figure out those "Cosmic laws" that are involved in the manifestation of Consciousness are also the same that dictate the cause and effects that control human events in life. Hence they were able to accurately predict the course of events in human life based on the Cosmic laws. Not only they were able to predict the course of events but also suggest remedies or steps to be taken to change the course of events.     

        Jyothish is not just an art of prediction or foretelling of bad and good incidents that will happen in a individual's life. Prediction is only a part of this Science. Unfortunately prediction part overshadowed the Truth of Jyothism developing a negative attitude towards this science. Concept of fate and destiny has also been misunderstood giving the impression that there is no free will and everything is fated.

  Panchatheertha and one of the Sakthifoundation's mission is to reveal the application of this great Vedic-Science for the benefit of Mankind.

  The real application of Jyotish is to help seeks ways to make man's life peaceful. Prediction according to Vedic Science is to observe how the thought processes of an individual has pre-disposed his fate. Based on that an Astrologer prescribes the right actions to be taken to avert and uncomfortable or undesirable aspect in life. It is like a weather forecast. People is USA especially watch the forecast and dress suitably so that they are not affected by the weather.

The underlying truth in Jyothism is that the course of life can be altered by changing the thought processes. The procedures (rituals)  prescribed in Jyothish are oriented in that direction. We will discuss the depth of this understanding in further pages. Right now understand that remedies taken are to change the course of our thought process and acheive the desired life pattern.

 Human Genetics: The following fact will make the above fact easy to comprehend.

When we are born we are all born with a destined genetic make up which will decide our health and disease conditions. But this does not mean that according to the genetic make up at birth one will definetly undergo good or bad health. For example if  a Doctor predicts that an individual has a genetic factor that will cause him to get cancer, the result or outcome of the prediction will depend on two factors, the doctor and patient.  Along with the prediction if the doctor  suggest the corrective measures to intervene the pre-disposition like life style changes and food habits, the patient can avoid getting cancer and thereby changing his destiny. From the patient's side just visiting doctor and diagnosing but not following the remedial measures will yield no benefits but only fear depression about his or her fate.

 Similarly we are all born with a set of karmic-make up like the genetic makeup of the body.  Based on that karmic-make up we are pre-disposed to encounter good and bad aspects in life. The result of that prediction (diagnosis) can be averted by following the recommendation of  an astrologer and making prescribed life style and thought process changes.

 Fate and destiny: Fate are laws governing every action. They are fixed they cannot be changed. For example in the above example, bad heart gene (genetic) will cause heart disease. That is fate. Destiny is choice making and intervention. Doing actions to change the course of the fate is destiny. That is free will. Purpose of Astrology is to shape destiny without violating the laws of nature (fate). 

 Several historical information about individual changing their destiny is available in Vedic literature , example Satyavan Savithri.

Real intension of Medical science is for making mankind enjoy perfect health and peace in life. Modern Medical science now pitiably operates to fix problems when one suffers health ailments. Jyothish like medical field is meant to help mankind live with a healthy mind and peace in life. It is not just problem fixing but a way of life.

 The beautiful scientific principle behind the working of this Vedic Science can be understood by understanding the Vedic knowledge about the Manifestation of the Universe.

There is one more aspect to the expression mode of the Navagrahas, the twelve fields  of expression, which are known as the twelve houses.

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