Jyothish -3 (Vedic Astrology)

Prasna (Investigation or Diagnosis)

One of the few astrologers who handle now the real application of Astrology is Shri.Jayachandraraj, popularly known as "Guruji". He uses the "Prashna" maarga methodology in astrology. Prashna investigates the correlation of planetary phenomena at the time a question is asked with the answer to that question.

         All questions are answerable from a horoscope calculated at the time of the question, or determined in a variety of other ways, including: the phonetic values of the syllables uttered by the questioner, the parts of the body the compass direction in which he or she stood at the time of the question, or a random number he or she might choose. This is the traditional approach of Prashna. 

     Guruji has slightly modified the Prashna Maarga.  The way Guruji uses  the Prashna is by asking the individual to touch one of the twelve square boxes (representing the 12 houses) that is drawn on a paper. The time is noted and then he draws a horoscope based on that moment when the individual touches one of the square boxes. This is more accurate than seeing a birth chart.

 The time energy he then uses to draw a birth chart which is more accurate than any other method. 

what does Guruji astrologically?

Every living and non-living  being takes  birth with Nine Energy patterns (Symbolically called as planets) . These Nine-Energy patterns are in varying levels of for each particular being at the time of birth.  (Horoscope is a  status-report of the varying energy levels ). The life of an individual is the sum total of the strength and functionality of these Nine Energy patterns.  The Nine Energy patterns are health Energy, material-wealth energy, knowledge-energy, recognition-energy , relationship-energy, professional-energy, Progeny-energy, sustenance-energy, progressive-energy. But , in due course of life, various negative thoughts and desires divert the Nine- Essential energy into negative events (sorrow)  in life.  So the original Energy potential is not available for smooth normal life.

Only if the energy deficiency (Negative energy) is restored to the Nine Essential Energy, life will be happy. More Energy (Positive) makes life desires to be fulfilled and be happy. Astrology advices the basics steps to be taken to restore the original (ideal) Energy potential through simple remedial measures.

Traditional astrologers see only the gross level of Energy pattern in the form of Nine planets and their interaction I 12 houses. They do more predictions of the events that the Energy pattern unfold in one’s life time.

 Guruji sees the Astrological chart in the form of light which he subdivides  into 9 x 100000000000000000 (18) sub energy patterns. He then analyzes looking at all the past, present and future energy patterns and suggest mantras to increase or amplify the energy patterns.

Features of the Rasi Reading in 30 minutes.

1.     Guruji does the Energy level  observations.  A snap shot of an individual’s energy pattern is taken at the particular moment of time and then analyzed.
2.     He gives the time schedules of the various forth coming favorable and unfavorable situations.
3.     An  astrological calendar giving most favorable days to bring desired results.
4.     Advice of the basic and additional steps to be undertaken by the individual is suggested.
5.     The  personal Self- effort is inevitable because it is the individual who has  drained up the energy and he or she alone can restore it.
6.     Raasi finding throws light on the Status of the different energy level of an individual.
7.     Based on that there are common basic steps  to be followed by everyone.
8.     Sometimes additional steps are required based on the individual’s energy level as well as desires to be fulfilled.
9.     When the energy situation is very complex, then Astro-Technological intervention (Homas and Yagyas)  is highly recommended.


Personal effort in doing the astrological suggestions bring desired results, otherwise leaving the situation to takes its own course.  

Why not birth chart? Seeing a birth chart is like looking at the blue print of a house which was drawn at the time of construction. But over time there could be so many modifications to the house and the original blue-print may not reflect the accurate  picture of the house. Similarly our birth chart represents the our karmic blueprint. This means the sum total of our previous thoughts and its actions and what now we are going to express it.  (For more details please click here). But over time we had done many karmas based on our environment and life style.

Guruji uses this methodology and is able to see the whole "karmic-history" of the individual. The individual's past lives, the present and future is glanced. He says predictions are easy to make but are futile. He reiterates that the individual becomes unhappy and fearful in knowing the details of the results of his actions. Instead Guruji focuses on the remedial measures to mitigate the hardships in life.  He does predictions, unless necessary but focuses only on the remedial measures to be taken not only to avert uncomfortable events in life but also to amplify the possible benefits that one can accrue in future.

This is very important which other astrologers may not highlight. One might be told that one might have a good favorable time, might later finds that there was only a slight or no improvement. This is because according to the birth chart an astrologer sees that in a particular time period he or she is bestowed with a favor in life. But due to some wrong thought process and actions that favor could be blocked. Guruji's says we should also make steps to tap the full benefits by removing the block.

 Remedies: Based on our sum total of our karma, he gives remedies to change the course of events for the betterment. It is very interesting to note that Guruji's recommendations are that will change the mind or thought process which create good karma for the present and the future. They are simple methods like lighting oil lamp with wicks in a particular direction, lemon lamps in temples, burning camphor, oil gazing, neernajanam, (please click here for the details)  chanting of slokas or reading Shiva purana or  recommending some temple visits.

 Yagnya and Homa: Neeranjanam is like a personal yagnya or homa one can do at home.  In Yagna or homa positive thoughts and statements in the form of Mantras are chanted. A Pundit or a priest chants Mantras (powerful electromagnetic waves like thoughts) based on what is desired. mantras could be for Health, wealth, education or power. These Yagnas and Homas give good results.  However our personal Yagnas and Prayers are much more powerful than when some body else does for us. We can pay hundreds of dollars to a Pundit to do a Yagnya one our behalf. The pundits do a good job. This is similar like hiring a good baby sitter to take care of our child. No matter how good a baby sitter might be , one cannot match to the real mother. The same way we might get a very sincere Pundit to do Yagna or homa and get good results, but more would come when we do our home-work of doing rituals and prayers. At this juncture we should also understand that we should have full awareness in doing these ritual and also transform our thought processes , otherwise birth after birth we will continue to live life merely doing rituals only.

 We are what we think we are: Change life pattern with changing thoughts and have a positive attitude in life to heal our Karmic diseases.  Guruji is  like a doctor treating body diseases he gives prescription , simple remedies for our karmic-disease. He suggest few life style changes and always sees a solution for any problem in life. He directs all the people to undertake steps for making the life peaceful.

    One comment from a friend who asked Guruji to look into his son's horoscope to see what profession his son would take based on his horoscope. The powerful answer from Guruji was, dont ask what he will become, ask me what he wanted to become, and I will suggest the ways to realize the goal. The friend commented that this is the first and practical answer he ever heard from an Astrologer. This is the proof of a real astrologer doing his service for the happiness of mankind.

Greatness of Vedic Astrological science: Guruji says this Vedic science requires millions of calculations in a few seconds. It is amazing how time and actions are converted into mathematics and the application is derived from it for the betterment of human life. 

Sidereal and Tropical Astrology

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