Jyothish -4  (Vedic Astrology)

Mathematical calculations in Vedic Astrological science: Guruji says this Vedic science requires millions of calculations in a few seconds. It is amazing how time and actions are converted into mathematics and the application is derived from it for the betterment of human life.

Taking the fact that from the observer point of view, he or she becomes the center of the whole universe. This is converted mathematically as a circle and the circle's 360 degrees is taken into account. As we have been discussing that the single pure consciousness manifest as the Universe using the five Cosmic laws, the Pancha Bhutas. These five Cosmic Principles help manifest the energy into material form, through nine expression modes, the Navagrahas.   

    The material manifestation occurs with varying degrees and interactions of the nine expression modes which are twelve in number, the twelve houses or "Bhaavas" or twelve "Raashis". That is from the Observer's perspective (The Earth) all the Navagrahas are observed, like we observe our solar system. This is wrongly interpreted as Earth being the center and Sun is revolving around it.

Based on our thoughts we create our own Universes and express the actions in it , but we all share the same Cosmic laws. So nature of our thoughts create its own actions and the intensity and magnitude of the expressions varies. This is reflected in our Karmic Blueprint or birth chart. The position of the planets and its interactions indicate the various degrees of thought processes.  based on our thought interactions and action we set our own fate and destiny.

Fate should be again be clearly understood as the effect of the cause and destiny the choice in exercising the cause. fate cannot be changed but destiny can be changed. Vedic literature also points out the fact an individual is summoned to all the Cosmic laws until he perceives him or her as the body, mind, sense complex. When one transcends beyond it, naturally one is beyond the influence of these laws. This is exhibited by the miracles of great saints.

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