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Success in Interview

Go to the interview with the thought of a Boss, who wish to hire a candidate to take his business to the next level. In other words, be in the shoes of gthe interviewer and ask yourself, what sort of person you will select and are you in that level.

 Write an excellent resume or CV.

Prepare  yourself in that level and you will be successful in the interview.
1. Learn about the company, their mission, their products, the nature of their customers and more important, how you will be able to contribute in that company's progress. This you should be very clear and then make yourself clear to the interviewer and you will have a clean success.
2. Communication skill and the ability to present yourself is very important to be successful in the interview. 
3. Your quality of student life will play a significant role in the performance in an interview.
Understand the customer of the company and see how you will perform to do customer satisfaction by joining in the company. You may be directly involved or involved indirectly. Your direct customer will be the boss and the indirect customer will be the company's customer. Knowledge of both the customers and the clarity and vision you have to satisfy both the customers is guaranteed success not only in the interview but also growth in the company..


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