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Degree Certificate Vs Degree of knowledge.

Generally students study for exams but not for their knowledge, which is what, tested in interviews. Marks secured in the exams really does not matter in real-life. Marks helps the university or college to show just the academic performance. But  the success of student outside the campus-life, depends on how well he has mastered his subject. In reality, an interviewer in a private company hires some one to get the competence of a person to grow the company's business.  What matters is how well the student can use his or her theoretical knowledge moving forward the company.  A successful student is one who has understood the subject and how well it can be applied in real-time. This impresses the interviewer. 


In this section, we help the students to understand how the degree of knowledge matters and not degree certificate to be successful in exams or in interviews. These tips are not only relevant for life science students but for any Arts, science or professional degree students.




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