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How to prepare and be successful in exams and interview.

Here we have given CSIR exam preparation. But the idea given here will be good for any student of any subject.

Here we have given for CSIR exam as a Here HeFor CSIR preparation and for interviews, do not study for the exams, but for knowledge that makes you an expert in the field.  Your teachers do their duty giving notes and some guidance that will help you get a passmark and degree certificate. But that will not help you success in interviews and at work. so study a book in full and not class notes.
Example, if you are  a Life science ( Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Environmental science etc) degree student, then you should be thorough in Biochemistry, because that gives the fundamental knowledge to apply in practical world. So instead of reading class notes, one should read Biocheimstry from the first page to the last page with the same interest one reads a novel. One has to take hints. This means, after a read a paragraph or a page, just write the essence of it in one or two lines. Make a note of some numerical facts example, size of a bacterial cell, or the reaction rate of carbonic anhydrase etc.
By the time you finish reading the whole book, you should be having a self written hint book of it in less than 10 pages. You have condensed the 1000 pages of the book in less than 10 pages. It will require for you to revise the whole book by reading the 10 pages in less than two hours equal to reading the whole book. This gives you less stress before the exam and also before attending an interview.

Timing of study is very important. If you read the whole Lehinger in one year, then it will take commitment for you to read every single day 3 pages. If you miss reading one day, then the next day yo have to read six pages to cover the book in the stipulated time. Most important is to do problem solving at the end of each chapter, because that will help you later in work to trouble shoot challenges given by your boss at work. Remember at work, there are no books that will give the solutions for the challenges you face. You have to figure out yourself (be creative) to solve the challenges. This will be possible only with the depth of the knowledge you gain in student life reading full book and doing problem solving questions.

For CSIR and future exams.
Read the following books in full.
Biochemistry - Lehinger
One techniques book
One gene cloning book.

Some good books are given in the below link about csir syllabus.
It is worth to read campbell's Biology book fully and Biochemistry Lehninger to get a good view of the subject. More details in the below link

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