This article will help the parents and teachers who handle children from 6 to 9 years old in the food habit.


                               In this age the children are more aware about their group of friends and teachers in school. This is the age of imitation and leadership. The child is forced to do certain things in and outside of the school just because of the  peer pressure. Otherwise the child is neglected among the class mates. So  parents and teachers must understand the child's situation and help the child to grow carefully.

It is very sad to say that TV , films and other media are just creating the habit of eating modern fast food . It is  a very wrong concept that children who eat such fast and junk food are considered to be '' modern or fashionable'' among their friends.

According to Dr. Montessori , food and health are the 2 most important factors  in a child's  development. She has classified the circulatory system as '' red man'' and nervous system as ''white man''.

Unless the blood is nourished with proper , balanced and enough food the nervous system will never do its function properly. Most of the poor children are lagging behind in academics because of lack of nutrition.

The late CM of Tamal nadu state Mr.Kamarajar has introduced the scheme of providing free healthy balanced lunch to all poor children in government schools. Because of this , today thousands of poor children have became literates in the state.

In my school we have given a list of food to our parents from the preprimary level. Every break and lunch time will be monitored by the teachers. I ma giving a list of snacks.

a. Any snack item without deep frying can be brought to school.

b. Twice in a week  they must bring any sprouts or boiled cereals or cooked sundals [cooked grams and cereals].

c. Every day a banana is a must. Other fruits as  a whole fruit, juice or salad can be brought.

d. Once in a while potato  or raw banana chips with out chat masala, aginamoto salt can be brought.

e. Modern tinned juice or drinks   are not allowed.

f. For birthdays children can bring chocolates, cakes but only one must be offered to the friends.


a. Any rice item with a cereal is a must.

b. During summer curd or buttermilk is a must.

c. Potatoes or any other under ground stems are allowed once in a week.

d. Greens [varieties of spinach] is a must twice in a week.

e. Peanuts, pista, badham and other nuts are also allowed but in limited amount.

f. For tiffin,  idlies  [ steam cooked rice cakes without oil ] , dosas without ghee and crispness are allowed to eat.

g. We suggest only eggs [boiled] as a non-veg to be brought to school.

h. We have suggested the parents not to give cooked rice for morning food. It makes them sleepy.

i.  They lunch time is 45 minutes. This is making them to eat slowly. They chew well and complete their lunch without tension. They to mingle with all other students and also exchange others food.

j.  After 2 hours they are allowed to play for Games session ,so that the food which got consumed will be used for proper nutritive purpose.

We distribute only Indian harmless snacks for Independence day, republic day, school annual and sports days.

Beyond all these things we as teachers follow this in our diet pattern. Often students have asked about my lunch and even some of them used to come and see my lunch set. In preprimary and primary level often we sit and eat with them. If they feel heavy to eat, we ask them to have after some time. We too need to give that time .,but not always.

There are situations where students spill their entire food or the food may get spoiled. Please provide part of your lunch and make them happy and energetic.

Lunch time is not only to eat and play. It is the time to mingle with the child. There are many social values to be taught during lunch time


  Every term end will be celebrated with class party. The  class teachers have a circle meeting with the students. They discuss about the way the party can be celebrated. The students will list list out the menu.  They are directed to invite all their teachers and helpers inside the school campus.

The class room will be decorated by the students. The teachers just be there and observe their work and suggest few changes. They are allowed to play games, play audio system and dance but there will be always a check from the adults side inside the room. We never interfere in their party but we will be aware of what is happening inside the classes.

Every child must bring some thing for the party. There are children who's parents are not interested in party. Those children will feel sad.. They are asked to bring at least paper plates or cups. They invite us and we all go to the class. They have many funny games, dances and their own compositions. They offer plates and distribute their food with love and affection. We thank them and also guide them how to wind up after the party.

Often the left out food will be given to our gardeners, punes and we show the children that nothing got wasted. We also help them in cleaning their containers.  Today we are much aware about bio degradable  items. So plastics materials are banded.

During sports day, annual day they bring lot of lemon juice. We mix and serve to all. There are children who forgets to bring and they come and ask excuse for that.


Most of the Montessori materials are sensitive and they have to be used with more mental concentration. So children need lot of mental energy to sit and work. The food is also reflecting the family set up.

Example: There are 2 children who bring only bread and jam to school for lunch. Because the mothers are coming late night after their business and sleep till morning 10. The child prepares its own lunch.

So let us listen to their needs and help them to eat well. Next article will talk about body care of the child.

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