Dear teachers and parents,

                                      The child who has stepped into 6 + is no more our pampering baby. Nature has made them very independent. Now they are moving all around the home, school and outer world to gain more knowledge and abstracting their future. So it is very important for us to be just behind them and observe them. This age makes them to make their own group of friends and it takes them to a new phase of life . It is going to show them many social issues, social values like sharing, feeling for others, appreciating, leadership etc.  Mean while we are much concerned about their change in behavior , language and relation with us . This article is going to talk about their  body care .

* BODY CARE: The child feels very very free to move and play any where in and around the home and school. My children knew all most all the places in my school than me. One can see them having their lunch on the top of our motor shed. Sometimes they sit on the braches and chew their snacks along with the birds.

    The same thing happens in the home also. Often they will be out of our sight. They are in need of the vast natural environment. This makes them to compel you for the week end outing. They are in need of your presence and involvement in playing. But they need only their own judgment.

With this back ground let us see how they need to be  aware about their body:

1. Talk to them about the various functions of our body.

2. They must need to name all most all their body parts.

3. Show them how to use hands, legs for various activities. All though they have learnt in preprimary level , now they are in a re organizing state.

4. Let them do simple  exercises, yoga and jogging. They can just come with you for a long walk and jogging.

5. Let them walk a lot. Make them to walk and run  to near by shops, market and friend's home.

6. Talk about the importance of waking up in early morning. This age group children can wake up by 6 a.m.

7. Slowly introduce the water therapy.

8. Check their toilet habits. This will be leading to later sex education. The night diet is important and it influences the toilet habit.

9. Let them take their morning drink only after brushing the teeth.

10. Slowly introduce the brushing habit at nights after the dine. This habit can be introduced after talking to them about the dental care.

11. Set the clock and make them to train them self  to have time management in brushing, bathing, using the toilet.

12. Make them independent in  toilet, brushing and washing habits.

13. We advice our parents just to simply leave them when they delay for all activities initially. Let them undergo the consequences for the delay. We need not get tensed.

14. The waking up process is a beautiful activity. Just start calling their soul and wake their soul first. Slowly go to bed , sit near the child and call the name. Talk some thing about the day.

Example : 1.'' Dear , see the window screen is dancing for the wind and 2 butterflies are near our room...''

2. Some parents sing songs.

3. We can also start telling a simple story.

4. We can also talk about that day's events.

15. Let them place their bag, books, pencil case and uniform near their table and get ready by previous night itself.

16. Trim their nails, hair.

17. Girl children can use good natural mehandi [ a herbal skin color for hands].

18. They can wear simple jewels, flowers and plait their hair properly.

18. In tropical countries oil bath in a week is a must.

20. Every day applying oil to hair and body skin is also insisted.

21. We place wash basin near our entrance for any hand wash.

22. We never allow them to enter without proper leg wash after a play in the open space.

23. Talk to them about the danger of the tattoos, inks, sketch pens, highlighters and any artificial coloring agents. Often these children paint, draw and colour on their hands and legs.

24. Allow them to play  under the sun, mist, snow and rain showers. They enjoy the time in puddles, stagnant water and sand. After checking the  content of the water allow them to play. In which age they will play again?

    But provide them the proper soap, towel and cleaning brush . After the play time they need to use and enter into the class or room .

Example : In my school, we have given the freedom to play like this. But they always have an extra set of dress. During monsoon, children them self bring letter from the parents if they have fever.

   Last week there was a sudden rain with severe  thunder and lightening. When children asked our permission , we just said no. Some started arguing. We just explained the danger behind the   thunder and lightening. They went into the  class rooms and started playing indoor games.

25. Every week we check their nails, hair , socks, shoes and dress. We provide and help them in removing nail polish, trim nails and wash socks and dresses. Sorry to say that there are '' well educated parents'' who have high tech washing machine ., but no time to operate it. They are  just flying across the world or traveling in their car for minting money.

26. We need to teach them how to touch others, hug with friendly touch ,hand shakes.

27. The children are in need to be aware about stranger's physical touching.

28. Using the private parts, toilets have to be taught.

29. Montessori environment is much concerned about the cleanliness of body and place where we stay. Try to expose them to a tidy beautiful set up inside your home and class. Often insist them about a neat lunch sitting with old news papers, napkins and spoons. In India we always insist to eat with clean hands.

30. Washing the body parts before food and after food is monitored .

31. The most interesting aspect is that , all these activities are organized and planned openly before the students. They discuss about these and make chart .They volunteer them self to check their friends. They are good in explaining their friends in more detail than us. It has more impact.

32. Apart from all these we have regular medical check up sessions. The parents are asked to submit any medical record about their child's special medical issues.

33. We have made them to approach us at any time for first aid. They knew where the kit will be placed. We use Homeopathy medicines for some basic health issues. The direction chart will be placed along with the medicine kit.

34. There are many situations where we are responsible and also not directly responsible  for some health issues. In such situation please shed the ego and talk openly and softly to the parents and explain the situation and first help the child to get medical treatment immediately.  We all are linked to each other. We all are living in one community. So we need to believe each other. If we are going to shout and quarrel, the child is going to be affected.

35. More body care information are expected.

Thanking you!

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