No one controlling us, but the laws of our own nature.

     Here we have to be clear that no one is sitting some wherein heaven and giving us punishments and rewards. We have the free will to think our thoughts and get the results of our own action.  Two people might be doing the same actions but might have two different results and it might look confusing. But using intellect we will understand that  actions  are influenced by so many factors.

    Example, two individuals might go for a party and had the same food and drinks. The same day or the next day one of the two might develop indigestion problem or get a cold. When two did the same action of going to a party and had the same environment, and  developed two results, because of the difference in the emotional and physical status of the individuals.

    So the results of the actions are inseparable from the very action , which is depended on the previous factors of the body and mind which we call as karma. So the results of our action are based on the very actions and the factors of the past. Like the above example the individual who got cold after going tot he party had stress and so his immunity was down. With these "past" factors when he went to the party though his friend and himself was exposed to cold virus , only he due to the stress factors got the cold.

      We understand from the previous page that every action is governed by a set of rules of nature that are inherent in the very action itself. However there are unseen factors that also influence the course of the end results of the actions. So every action  influenced the result of other actions and sets in   the Similarly Some receive very hard blow and some small,  depending upon their tamasic nature.  Punishments are not for sadistic reasons but to drive the student to seek knowledge and so are we getting sufferings and pain so that we seek the light of intellect and awareness, which leads us to realize our true Self.

Government puts a person in jail who does not pay tax. Isnt this an irony? The government has to spend money on this fellow for keep him in jail give him food pay the police etc, Why?. The person is made to undergo mental agony in the jail and has to repent and contemplate for the mistakes. This way the government feels that the person will evolve and be good in soceity. These rules were also formed in india. Swathi Thirunal was one of the kings  who relaxed such rules in Kerala. Here lies the answer for suffering in Karma also. When we dont pay the cosmic tax, then the comsic officers, Navagrahs make us undergo the mental agony and so we contemplate life and move on in our inner evolution.
This is why we are given life after life and the cosmic government spends PanchaBhootas Energy for us to repair ourselves. This is the Karmic secret. What we do when we are in this Jail?, Are we contemplating why we are suffering in life?. we destroy the jail (this planet) that is the planet resources, creating more  burden of karmic debts. No one wants to get of this jail?




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