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Sakthi Snack

      Eating snacks at tea time or at any time is unavoidable. The difficulty is in exercising one choice over the snacks. In our experience we found that dry fruits and nuts are the best alternatives because they are tasty and sweet. Those who crave for sweets can eat sweet dry fruits like dates, figs etc and those who crave for salty or crunchy can eat nuts and seeds. Another advantage is that they are handy to carry, does not get spoiled and are available anytime.

         These dry fruits/nut snacks are equally helpful for children. Instead of giving them too much of candies and chocolate train them from the early age in giving them dry fruits and nuts. These are rich in nutrients and do not steal our body store of nutrients like other refined snacks.

      Eating these healthy snacks are also a good means of creating awareness in eating and mind control. You will witness that the mind does not allow to eat these snacks but crave for potato chips and other salty snacks and high sugary sweets. Eating these alternative healthy snacks  exercises the control of intellect over the mind.

Dry-Apricots                                     Dates                                Prunes

     Black-Dry-Figs            Yellow-Dry-Figs                       Raisins

Dry-yellow-peas                  Dry Chick peas              Pumpkin seeds


Another recipes of chikki with seeds and nuts

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