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The Sakthi Kitchen-3

Garnish:               Allow 10 minutes for the steam to subside. If you have time you could cut onions , tomatoes, coriander leaves etc ( if you do not want to waste this time, you could do all this the previous night and refrigerate these ingredients. If you do not like even to do this,  another tip is to cut these things and put in a zip lock bag on Sunday and keep refrigerated. Make enough only for five days (till Friday). So then cooking becomes less time consuming. Cutting these ingredients fresh is the best way to go, though.

           After steaming the food in the cooker, take out the separators from the cooker and season. Here we describe easy menus for mornings first then we will go to dinners. Light dinners are best, but if you need to, you can cook dinner too. 

General instructions :

Steam dal, beans and vegetables with more water and use the same water to make the gravy during garnishing.

 “Curry” in the recipes below mans a gravy type recipe made with spices.

Should we boil milk?

         Pasteurization is a process of heating milk at a temperature around 60 degree Celsius for a prolonged period of time to kill harmful bacteria. But Ayurveda says milk should be boiled before drinking. This is because boiling inactivates hormones in the milk, which otherwise have an effect on our body. So boil milk and then drink . Avoid cold pasteurized milk.

Milk cooker for morning breakfast:

Buy a two liter or three liter milk cooker. It is good for boiling milk without the need to watch over the milk boiling over the stove. You get stainless steel milk cookers for less than $20.


While your lunch is getting cooked in the pressure cooker, on another burner you could boil the milk in  the milk cooker for breakfast. This cooker is  convenient to make home made yogurt and also sweets like Payasam.

 For breakfast, add milk in cooker and allow it to 'whistle' for a few minutes. Turn it off and add flakes like oats, corn, barley, wheat, rice etc, each for one breakfast (not a mixture). After 5 to 10 minutes add a little of the dry fruit mix or seed and nut mix and enjoy!

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