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The Sakthi Kitchen

Cooking tasty and healthy food is everyone’s wish but cooking it with less time and work                   is everyone’s dream. In this fast life, spending less time cooking becomes mandatory. Sakthi’s kitchen will help you to cook tasty, healthy food in less time. We recommend here tips based on our experience. This is for mostly Indian style cooking but we will share cooking tips for other nationalities too. We would like you to give us feed back and share with us your tips so we can help others with the knowledge.

Send us a quick recipe with your name and e-mail. We will post it here for  all to benefit.                               It would be good if you can give us feed back (good or bad) so that we can improve the kitchen.

What takes the most time in Cooking?

If we understand where we lose time in cooking, we can save time. 

  1. Cooking the vegetables, dals (lentils) and beans.   Maximum time in cooking goes in cooking these ingredients. If we could lessen this time we would be more inclined to cook. A pressure cooker is the best way. It is healthy because it uses steam to cook. Steam cooked food requires less oil than cooking in a pan. This is another health benefit. Another advantage is that cooking in separators using a pressure cooker saves lot of time by cooking three different items in one time. See below for details.
  1. Adding spices: By making a mix of spices that you commonly use, you can save time adding just the mix. We have provided recipes to make a flavor mix and spice mix.
  1. Cutting vegetables and other ingredients. This is unavoidable; many people buy frozen and canned foods. Personally we don’t feel this is healthy. To save time,  you could cut vegetables and store in the fridge. Onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves could be chopped and stored in zip lock bags even for a week.

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