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       Like other elements, we share the air with all the other living forms in this universe. Without food, the body can survive for some weeks; without water, for few days but without air, only a few seconds. So, air is the most essential component of the five elements that maintain life. 

     The air that we breathe contains oxygen, and in the lungs, the oxygen gets dissolved into the blood. The oxygen is distributed to all the cells of the body in different proportions. When oxygen supply is limited to one particular group of cells or organ, disease(s) manifest.  Our emotions also play a role in the amount of oxygen supply to various organs of the body. Through mental agitations blood flow and oxygen supply is altered in one or many organs of the body leading to one or more diseases. Awareness of organs and the flow of blood to the cells through exercise ensures proper oxygen supply to cells.

         The aim of Air Therapy is to supply the vital oxygen in correct amount.

    Ancient Indian healing systems understood that improper breathing could lead to many disturbances in the body. This can be corrected by a breathing technique called Pranayam.

        The vital force in the body is called Praana and the procedure is called Pranayam.

       Pranayam is popularly known as a breathing exercise. In fact, it is a breathing exercise but there is more to it than that. In the Indian yoga system, Pranayam is one of the yogic techniques to master the mind. Though this technique offers health benefits, in its culmination it helps one to progress on the spiritual path. We use Pranayam in Pancha Bhoota Healing to maintain or restore good health and also to show a connection between mind and body which is a key factor in self healing.

In Pranayam, breathing with awareness anchors the wandering mind to focus on the breath. Since the mind is now available, the awareness of the breath connects the body and mind. This mind-body connection allows proper blood flow and oxygen supply to all the cells of the body leading to good health.

    When the mind stays in tune with the body through the connection of the breath, it leads to mind control. This deliberate attention of the mind on the breath is an easier way to control the wandering mind. This is why starting with Pranayam helps in meditating.

   While doing Pranayam, focus on the breath and be aware of the whole body filled with oxygen which is distributed throughout the cells of the body. All the cells are thus energized with the proper supply of oxygen and are healthy.

Insufficient Breathing
      Praana in Sanskrit means “Life Force”. Normally we inhale only very little air compared to the capacity of the lungs. We never breathe to the full volume of the lungs. Another problem is that the breathing is not equal through both the nostrils.

     When brain cells get enough oxygen and blood supply, memory improves and enhances the performance of brain functions which causes enhanced physical performance as well.

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