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Holistic Cancer Treatment Regimen-3

          The water soluble toxins are excreted through the kidneys as urine. This clears the metabolic waste products and other toxins from the body clearing the way for natural body healing. Without this cleansing process doing other steps in Pancha Bhoota Healing does not give satisfactory results.

 What effects are seen in cancer patients doing water therapy?

1. Good appetite:         

          Most patients tell us immediately that they get good appetite. This indicates that their digestive system is picking up to help the body to supply the needed nourishments.

2. Less body pain: 

         Cancer cells grow faster and metabolize more and produce lots of lactic acid (anaerobic). This accumulated lactic acid can cause general body pain. The lactic acid is converted back to pyruvate by liver.

          Since the liver of most cancer patients are chocked up, the lactic acids will be accumulating in the body. Water therapy helps to clear the lactic acid in the cells and helps liver to convert into pyruvate, many patients experience a well being  with decreasing body pain.

3. Less side effects experienced doing chemotherapy and radiation:

       Some patients have reported us that doing water therapy especially with ginger and mint leaves experience less toxic side effects, like less nausea and vomiting.

       Having done a few days of water therapy then the patient might be ready for the next cleansing of the fat-soluble toxins. water therapy combined with this approach makes  Pancha Bhoota Healing very effective.


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