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Holistic Cancer Treatment Regimen-7


           Body & Mind Co-ordination  - Fire Therapy

       We have so far discussed how to remove water soluble toxins and fat soluble toxins through water therapy and food or Earth therapy.

       To completely get rid of the water soluble and fat soluble toxins from the body, there should be good circulation of heat throughout the body. This heat is the Fire element. Heat is circulated through blood and lymph, the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. However this involves the aspect of mind because, the Mind is the seat of action or motion and there should be the co-ordination of the mind and the body. This is the purpose of  Yoga which means to unite.

acupressure      We suggest simple Yoga exercises which improves blood, lymphatic and air circulation in the body helping in complete detoxification process. Doing this Yoga you try to connect your body and mind. Read about Lymphatic circulation and how it helps our body and immunity.

    The Yoga exercise we recommend also has self acupressure exercise, which activates vital points in our body and helps to strengthen the body.

See details in Fire therapy page

All our successful patients have done this yoga to bring about complete healing.


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