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                          Holistic Cancer Treatment Regimen-12


           Detoxification of the Ego  - Space Therapy

         The mind wanders away from the Awareness to the outside through the five senses of the body. This is because of the toxin of the mind called Ego. The Ego drives the mind to seek out and not to the inner core of our being, the real "Self".

      This is accomplished by the most subtle Element, the Space through Relaxation and Meditation. Through this we watch our thoughts and clearly distinct it from the Ego. This detoxifying the mind from the Ego is in fact the very purpose of Life.

     For healing we thus combine holistically the five elements to make the whole process highly effective and complete. Completeness or fullness is the very nature of our "Being".

Fear the Killer

   Fear of death and the negative thoughts about the incurability of disease makes healing worse. It is the ego that fears and brings the negative thoughts.

Visualization: Everyday visualize this picture in the mind and feel that the cancer cells are self sacrificing for the benefit of your body. This picture was taken by Pradhep Chhalliyil in his Ph.D work when he added a herbal plant extract to cancer cells. Then through video microscopy, cancer cells undergoing self-sacrifice (Apoptosis) was recorded. You can see a single cancer cells, shrinking and then breaking into pieces.

Visualization works like a miracle if one really gets into one's awareness. Everyday vidualizing it will trigger the same process in your body. Ofcourse the intellect with hinder us to transcend us to the awareness of re-creating this effect in the body. But constantly doing it will help.



   At this juncture it is important to understand about the cause of cancer and how the body mind coordination is lost in the development of cancer.You have to read also how cells when become selfish become cancerous and has a connection with our own life-style. Read the article - cancer why me?

Another visualization picture is also from his Ph.D work of treating mice with cancer using an herbal extract. See the picture below. mice



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