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        Sakthi Lunch     


                                   Whole Wheat             based chappati, roti, pasta, etc. Use only stone ground flour which             are truly whole wheat flour. Other "claimed" whole wheat flours may             not be 100% whole wheat but mixed with white flour. Like rice             polished refined wheat flour is devoid of fiber and nutrients and             cause all health problems in the long run. So try to use as much             possible whole wheat grain.


                       Corn based             tortillas are very healthy if it prepared in the traditional Mexican             way of fermenting corn with lime and grinding it to flour and then             making tortillas with it.


                                   Rye also can be             used in the form of whole rye flour and be made as             chappati, roti, pasta.


                                      Rye  Grain                                            Barley Grain




                      Whole Barley can             be used like rice by soaking it overnight before cooking it. Pearl             barley is devoid of fiber and nutrients and so try to use whole             barley. Whole Barley chappati , roti also can be made. Laboratory             studies show that the insoluble fiber found in barley can be             extremely effective in maintaining regular intestinal function which             may help reduce the incidence of certain types of cancer such as             colon cancer. Extensive research on barley's soluble fiber has shown             that it can help lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk             of heart disease.”


                                     Quinoa and Buckwheat             (whole grains) also can be used like             rice and wheat.


                                              Quinoa                                                  Buckwheat



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