Journey to the Source

Welcome to this section of the book "Journey to the Source" based on the Matrix Movies.

This book gives a detailed understanding about the mystery of Life and Consciousness.Reading this will create a good change in you and understand the reality of life.

This book will create more power in you, more success in you, more happiness in you.

All the profits of the book supports the charitable activities of Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

The book was a winner of the Hollywood Spiritual Film Festival 2004.

Foreword for the Book was given by Don Davis the Music director of all three Matrix movies, who composed Asatoma Sad gamaya song when the Hero and Villan fight. He also composed the music "Navarasa" based on Nine Upanishads as the title song in the Matrix Revolutions. .


Contact Information
    Sakthi Books Inc.
    Journey To The Source
    1507 Lone oak circle
    Fairfield, IA 52556
pradheepkumar (at)  hotmail (dot) com

Book ISBN - 0975258605

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