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From Superman to Brahman: The Religious Shift of The Matrix Mythology    

Journal of Religion and Film, Jeffery Wittung, Daniel Bramer Volume 10 Issue 2 October 2006

1. Trinity indicates that the temperature is dropping (May 2005)   

2. Matrix, the world of the mind (Dec 2004) .

3. Zion is the body:  Our  mind is the matrix and  Zion is the body.

4. Hard line phone and cell phone in the matrix movies:  Here is the explanation why  the crew use hard line phone to jack in and out of matrix and cell phone inside the matrix.

5. Neo's unplugging and spiritual re-birth: The red pill that Neo took unplugged him from the matrix world and his transformation is shown as a re-birth.

6. Neo's training: Morpheus gives Neo combat training (Jijutsu). .

7. Use of EMP on sentinels: 

8. Black Cat and matrix glitch: What does the black cat in matrix mean?

9. Persephone.  why did Persephone take Morpheus, trinity and Neo through the  kitchen to meet the keymaker?

10. Love triangle of Niobe, Morpheus and Lock

11. Seraph, the silence witness of thoughts.

 12. Morpheus and Neo - a doctor and a patient relationship

Updated on 27th August 2004 

1. Man's Eternal Quest: .

2. Difference between being spiritual and religious: This explains the difference between atheist, theist and spiritual.

3. Science and spiritual quest Does Science and Spirituality journey towards the same "Source"?

4. Mythology misunderstood:

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