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  Five Elements Meditation

        When the body and mind is relaxed, it is fit for doing the "Five-elements" or "Pancha-Bhoota" meditation or any other form of meditation for that matter. 

Pancha-bhoota meditation.
          Doing the "Five-elements" or "Pancha-Bhoota" meditation is very good for healing. If you already been introduced to meditation, then incorporate "Pancha-Bhoota" meditation in the end of your regular meditation. If you are a beginner then here are the simple steps for this type of meditation. This meditation gets you connected with the five elements of nature, which are the very basic of your body. This meditation also acknowledges the source of these elements. Through this meditation, you consciously become aware of your unlimited nature. This will change your personality and you become so peaceful in life and enjoy that unlimited happiness.

Important note

     Do this everyday for 15 minutes a day by giving auto-suggestions. You can record your own voice and listen to it or you can get from Sakthi Foundation a tape for doing meditation.

      Listening to the audio tape or giving those same messages to yourself becomes more effective in the very beginning of the day and also at night before sleep. The positive thoughts will sink deep into your awareness and sprout as  positive actions. If you can re-collect those positive words in day time frequently , they will start to bear fruits of health and in life in general.

  Five-elements meditation-  Pancha-Bhoota Dhyana

            Our body is made up "Five-elements"  or  "Pancha-Bhootas" , the Earth, water, fire, air and space.. Through this meditation we become aware of  our body and the nature as one and get establish its connection. When we become conscious of this connection we get good health and enjoy bliss in life.

      Sit comfortably on floor or on a chair. Close your eyes and relax for a few minutes. Take a few long breaths and relax.

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