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There is only one Truth and a single path to Truth, only views are different.

Mission of Sakthi Foundation is to unify everyone by helping to understand that their views are only different levels of expressions of one single concept (Energy). This unification or unity in diversity is Peace or love or happiness, which is established only by embracing our view with others view and contemplate why the views differ.

Please discuss all topics in this blog with the above intention. We can discuss here Atheism, all Religions, Spirituality, Science in connection to body, mind, intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness.

To achieve this we are giving you a template where you can identify your views and others view. This will guaranteed Unity, peace, love and happiness. With this Universal template, all difference of opinion between religions, science will melt away like heat melting all different ice cubes to pure water.

Five templates that will unify all our thoughts.
Check if our view is based on the knowledge we got from our
1. physical senses
2. Our personal strong likes and dislikes'
3. A logical pattern
4. connection to our Self
5. That is universal to all at times.

We will find that every view of us is at one of the five levels. The higher level is that which stays for longer and universal. This view will bring peace and happiness in our lives.

cocoon to adult butterfly

Adult butterfly out of cocoon… When Arundhati invited me last week for her project show, I have decided that I am going to learn something through her work. When she said that her work is based on learning skills, learning equipment I got much excited. Today – 17.4.2015 I saw her evolution across the time. She is now prepared for serving children with learning difficulties and children below 6 years old who need more visual presentations and experiences. Her creative ideas in the area of language [Opposites in visual form], India’s physical wall hanger made me admire her imagination. The way she has made to trace the rivers just by passing the blue thread into small loops shows her Montessori backup of early ages. Parts of a flower – material was excellent and I feel in future Arundhati can do more such tools for children with special needs and learning challenges. Identifying each Indian state with various visual designs has been suggested with few additions by me and she has accepted. I asked, ‘’what is your main aim in designing these?’’ She says, ‘’I has designed few learning models to children with learning difficulties. How I would have felt easy I have expressed. ‘’ This is what a teacher must know today about children. I feel proud to be her teacher and through her today I am taking few great visual ideas to my rural Uni5 schools and I have requested her to make the models for all my schools. I wish her college tutors for giving her the space and freedom to choose the topic. I appreciate her mother and father for behind her creation. I am proud as a teacher to see her real evolution! With regards and blessings, Dr.M.Madeswaran Madras, 17.4.2015
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