Uni5 Parenting - Five Needs of a Child

The Uni5 suggestions helps parents to know about the five needs of a child. Catering to these needs at the proper time will ensure the development of a child with strong physical, emotional, intellectual, awareness  and a socially responsible being. 

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Read the explantion Notes from Dr.Madeshwaran circulated to parents in different times below this photo.

Till the age of 6..... [be aware dear parents!]

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Your child.,

Observe every moment around him.

Imbibe every action happening around him.

Learn very fast directly and indirectly from peer group and especially from adults

Very fast language construction and be aware about your language

Very sharp in observing and listening, so be aware about your own activities 

Cannot judge a person and understand the good and bad and stop advising 

Say yes \ no and try to say the cause and effects

Age of taste - so introduce all good acceptable tastes in food, place the dish first at the tongue tip

Do not give too much choice, you choose 3 dress and out of that let them choose 1

Do not put blame on others even for their silly falls, hurts and tease others

Do not put down any one and talk - gossip in-front of the child

Child of this age absorbs  every thing.....

will grow



Be ready for your child's call....

Prepared your child to face the challenges.

The life is full of interesting and hating tough times and challenges.

But today especially in this 5 years we are seeing children are very timid in nature.

They are very strong intellectually and informative through modern technology.

We see children even in teens very timid to accept even simple challenges.

''My child is having a blade cut, she cannot write''

''My child gets blister, please excuse for ground play''

''My child will take medicine once in a hour [for a simple fever]''

''My child feels scared about studies, he has not done the mistakes''

Plenty of lame silly excuse request letters gets loaded upon our table.

Modern parents are good in moral support to the child but they are unwanted much worried about very simple things which makes the child to loose the interest and challenges.

Too much of pampering spoils the child.

Allow the child to know the reality which is not hurting the physical and emotional status.

Give all needs but do not make the child lazy with all comforts and assist only when they are in need.

Too much care taking seems to cause fear about outer world and parents has to know that they cannot be with the child for ever in all contexts.

When we do all things by our - self for the child the child is getting out of interest and mission about life.

I got a letter that when a child did a simple exercise for sports day she was requested for not taking down notes in class for a week by her mother.

Our parents were not that much intellectually educated but they were bold enough to make us to face the reality which is so much missing in modern highly educated metro city parents in name of security, hygiene, health etc.

Be at the back of the child for all needs but allow the child to evolve on the own....

Be ready for their emergency call...they will live the best life

will grow


11.6.2013, Madras

Very special needs for your child from 1-6 years

1. Allow the child to explore any thing not dangerous with all senses. - age of senorial development

2. Allow them to talk more and more and assist them with correct language - age of language development.

3. When they talk some times they go further imagination  - do not put off their interest and tell ''you are lying'' - it is age of imagination and creative talk.

4. Ask questions [comprehend]

5. Without giving enough practice and enough experience do not expect them to reproduce what they have read, seen, heard etc.

6. Allow the child to explore the out door environment as much as possible and give the guide lines of social and civics skills.

7. Please include them in all good social events, make them to see yourself as role models of all such events and handling.

8. Before talking them out make them to know about it and prepare them for that situation.

9. Do not expect them immediately to respond to a new person.

10. Please assist them when ever they need but do not do every thing for them which will put off their spirit and challenges.

will grow.,


29.5.2015, Madras

When you take the child outside....

We must take our children out of our home.

In India when grand parents were at home they take even babies outside of the home for feeding.

Out side world gives the link between the home - self and reality of social life.

Out side world makes the child to explore and know many new things physically, emotionally and intellectually and the child become aware.

When I left to Coimbatore last Thursda I saw modern parents in bus just switching on the I pads and giving their children video games, etc and there is no chance for the child to observe the surroundings even a driver.

Today as a teacher I am finding very difficult with modern children to make a good communication and social skills.

In composition classes children feel very unhappy and tired that they cannot imagine.

Visual media and technology has brought this narrowness in playing only games or watching movies or sports etc.

Make your children to observe the surrounding when they travel.

Always try to talk with them, play with them ask comprehension quiz with the visual aspects they have gained and also give correct words to enrich their language at right context.

Show them various natural settings, man made features, people, culture etc

Prepare mentally before you leave.

While travelling play riddles, quizzes and enjoy.

Many times when I traveled with my parents at mid night when we got down for urinal usage at inns my mother has shown me the mid night sky with plenty of stars and orange moon in big size. On Tuesday night I saw the same moon when I gt down for my rest room.

In the bus I saw 2 young children asking several questions and parents just shouted them to keep quiet. A child asked ''Mother! this is a bus, but why there are many AC openings, our room has only one AC?'' - but the mother kept calm and the child's intellectual need was neglected.

All these reflects in class rooms. There are many teachers who does not want children to ask questions.

So encourage the children to talk more. In future children need more communication skills.

In country like India where the nature, people and culture are so different it is very important for us to make the children to explore them to connect and understand the relation with day to day life.

In our Uni5 schools once in a week we do nature walking exercise which makes the children to explore much more about the nature, connect to them-self and learn more civics sense.



Parents and teachers must accept that all children are not the same.

All children cannot do the same work.

Better stop the non-sense of comparison.

Here I am delivering a real example about my student....

Several years back Uma [name changed] has been identified with various learning difficulties in school.

Those who can accept her were stress free.

Many teachers commented her.

I took language for her in a special pattern to her level.

I grew along with her.

Her aesthetic sense and creativity were focused much in her work and this has been accepted by her parents, few of us and school. We encouraged her. She took subjects based on her ability and passed out grade 10.

She dances well and I saw her stage performances which was different.

After a gap suddenly her mother gave a call and welcomed be saying that she is ready for her final UG project day and as her tutor I must see her and her work.

Yesterday I went to a grand hall where Uma with her batch mates has exhibited her research and work. Now she is going to complete under graduation in visual arts in a reputed college for women in Madras. 

The work she has done made me to cry out of happiness.

She has designed several learning tools in various subjects for children with learning disabilities and she has made her work based on Montessori's sensorial applications.

I asked why she did this topic and the answer is the great message for any parent and teacher who wish to teach.

Uma says, ''How I can understand a concept in away I would be explained, I designed for a child who will have my problem of learning''

Materials made by her has to be focused by teachers.

She has made the political map of India with touch and feel sense of each state.

She made the physical features of India with great visual sense and especially she made each river can be stringed into loops across their route through states.

Her creativity in making very special models to see - touch - feel and understand the concepts of various opposites, parts of a flower are making us to implement them in our school.

I came out with a great feeling that God has given me the maturity to accept this girl and encourage who has now produced a great techniques for special learners. Her parents are her great support and she said that she will give a set of all tools to Uni5 centers and now she wish to take up a job.

This is the reality and enjoyment of a student who is being accepted by teachers and parents especially.

Please understand your child and never force your dreams upon them......

Will grow.

Dr.M.Madeswaran [Madras, 18th, 2015]

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