Mystery of Consciousness

Consciousness is the last surviving mystery of every human being. With the advancements in  science and technology, we might feel that there are nothing that can be termed as mystery nowadays. But consciousness is an entity that still remains a mystery to contemporary philosophers, psychologists, neurophysio-logists, and cognitive scientists. After the discovery of DNA as the Genetic material, the Scientist turned towards the research on Consciousness. 

    Consciousness remains the last mystery for modern scientists  to solve. According to Vedic tradition infact Self-Realization of Consciousness is the very purpose of every human life and the culmination of Samsara, the cycle of birth and death.

What is the Mystery?All that we experience of body and mind, the sensual pleasures and feelings are subjective. We cannot describe that in words to any one else. These subjective qualities are known as qualia (Qualee). The mystery of Consciousness is: how are qualia related to the physical world, in other words how does the objective physical brain manage to produce subjective qualia? as feelings.

   Consciousness is often mis-understood as a by-product of the brain. Inspite of leaping discoveries in neuroscience modern scientists are unable to understand Consciousness. This has first time led the Modern Scientist to lend ears to the Spiritual-scientists (Yogis or Rishi's). This is the first time Modern Science is willing to shake hands with Spirituality.

    As discussed in the earlier pages, Ancient masters have used the correct method to understand Consciousness. Their technology of Yoga and Meditation is now becoming more popular and indispensible than other technologies.  The ancient alternate mode of approaching the problem through inward inquiry only can solve the mystery of Consciousness.

   The Ancient Rishi's through their inner inquiry discovered the mystery of Consciousness. They expressed it symbolic ways because the discovery is difficult to articulate. In the next page you will see a picture which in a nutshell explains the complete description of Consciousness.   


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