Gulkan or Maandi

In the previous section you have understood that Grahas (Planets) not only denotes the external planets revolving around the Sun, but also denotes our internal planets (Energy attributes) that revolves around the core individuality. The strength and weakness of the different energy attributes creates our personality, talents, luck, health, wealth, power, relationships and peace. Like the changes of  Earth position to Sun rays changes the weather patterns in different parts of the planet, the varying periods of transits of Energy-Grahas and their speed dictate the change in qualities of and individual's life.

Astrology is thus a science of looking at patterns and predicting the output of an individual's life pattern.

Western astrology takes into account the day and month of an individual and gives a pettern of personality behavior. It doesnt use much mathermatical calculations other than basic geometrical angles. Therefore individualized accuracy is lesser in western astrology and more generalized for people born in twelve different months. This limitations is overcome by Vedic astrology.

Vedic  Astrology uses more mathematical calculations than the western astrology and uses the birth time for more precise mathermatical and geometrical calculations. Therefore Vedic astrology gives more accurate and specific information for a particular individual. Still this is generalized information when concerned with the individual's born at the same time at the same location.

Guruji Jayachandra Raj Raasi method: Very few astrologers use the Raasi method where with even more mathematical calculations (Click here for details) to report individual's Energy levels of Grahas even more acccurately.

He uses like the Kerala astrologers the aspect of Gulikan in the chart readings. He therefore uses the three generations of Sun (Surya), his son Saturn (Shani), and the gradson (Gulikan or manthi).

 See saturn sade sathi article...because Gulikan is aspect of Saturn. 

The Story of Gulika

King Ravana  wanted to be invincible and he thought that can change the destiny of the yet to be born son Indrajith.  So he stationed all the planets in the respective houses and  commanded Saturn to  stay in the 11th House, the best House for Saturn to be in. All the Devas requested Lord shiva to prevent the future disaster. Shiva send Narada maharishi, who told Saturn to put his foot in the 12th House at the time of Indrajith's birth, thus bringning mortality in the life span. The enraged Ravana cut offs Saturn’s legs who then threw a mixture of his blood and flesh over to Lagna. That conglomeration was Gulika.

Gulika is the depiction of Ego (death) that spoils the joy of any action.   Sure death can be predicted if he tenants the Horary Ascendant. He vitiates not only the House he tenants, but also his dispositor !

 He is only good in 11 and 10 Houses only if he is alone. In the 11th, he causes prosperity ( Aishwaryavan Bhavagathe Bahu Bhritya yukta ) and in the 10th altruism ( Khasthe Sukeerthee Para Karya Sakta ). In the lagna also he brings chaktravarthy Yoga but the individual cannot enjoy it, while others will enjoy the benefit.

In the First he causes physical ailments and wounds in the body ( Rogee Kshatango Gulike Tanusthe ). In the Second he gives great eloquence, Draksheti Vagvilasam but he vitiates the tongue of the native ( Nindyabhi Bhashee Dhanage Vivesha).

Gulikan the symbol of Ego:  All suffering is due to our Ego. Any good qualities of us is destroyed by our Ego. Our personal qualities of speech, relationships, profession, health, wealth however good may be, will lose its power, just by our Egoism. This is what Gulikan symbolize that however good an astrological chart Grahas positions may be, the  Gulikan Ego will crub the good effect. The six qualities of Ego are given here.

Interestingly Gulika's ruling time is sun rise to sun set, like the Ego waking up and retiring to sleep time. Gulika also with Shani are meant to curb the Ego of every human being and drive towards a state of feeling enough of human birth and death cycles and forces to the state of seeking Moksha or Salvation. Hence reciting Hanuman's name or Sundarkand is good.

Inner Evolution and Ego: Before the birth of an individual, based on the merits of actions of the previous birth, the individual is given the choice of time of birth to be born with the right planetary positions which will gives the best material life possible. However, the Gulikan will completely change the fortune of all the planetary aspects because it comes into picture only when the individual is born. Gulikan's unpredictable nature is like the nature of the Ego, which will come into play not during the planing of the action, but at the moment of execution of the action. In this manner we are all taught the greatest lesson to free us from the grips of our Egoistic thought little by little so that we progress in our inner evolution.

Awareness and Gulikan: Failures brought by our Ego, will increase naturally Awareness in us. This awareness connects us to the highest state of Consciousness, the final destination of all Energy forms in this Universe. Gulikan and Shani makes sures to help increase Awareness through failures to those who do not increase it through other better ways. Involving in actions that increases Awareness alone will reduce the effects of Gulikan.

Remedy for Gulikan: Chanting Om Namah Shivaya is the way to overcome the effect of Gulikan. Om Namah Shivaya means "may I bow down the supreme Awareness" (click here to know more). The more one chants Om Namah Shivaya, the magentic field of Egoistic thoughts start to weaken and our Self Awareness becomes strong. Only by increasing the Self Awareness, one can overcome the negative effects of Gulikan. Minimum 1008 times to 1008 times a day will help one to increase Awareness and decrease Egoistic thoughts.

 Offerings in Gulikan Temple: There are only a few Gulikan gulikantemples in Kerala. One of the important one is near Pancha Theertha Temple,  the Shiva Gulika” Kshetra (temple) in the Poovanpara mala, (9.47110N, 76.81786E). Eggs (meat), alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes are given as offfering to remind us to surrender the intoxicating Ego to the feet of Awareness (Shiva).

Shade Sati (Seven and half years of Saturn)

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Mathematics in Astrology

Gulika and Maandi are considered synonymous although some people try
to differentiate between them. Gulika denotes a certain segment of time
controlled by Saturn. The word `Maandi' is derived from Manda or sluggish,
another name of Saturn. According to the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra :
That is: Of the same (i.e., Gulika), another name is Maandi.
Fixing the Gulika The position of Gulika is different for daytime (from sunrise to sunset) and night time (from
sunset to
sunrise). The duration of the day or of the night (as the case may be) is
divided into eight parts. The segment belonging to Saturn is known as Gulika.
For daytime, the first segment (the first one-eighth of the night) belongs to
the planetary lord of the weekday that falls fifth from the weekday under
consideration. The subsequent segments belong similarly to other planets that
rule the weekdays in natural order. The eighth part here too is without a lord.
In each case the part belonging to Saturn is called as Gulika.


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