Nakshathras (27)

    In the previous pages,  we have been discussing that the whole Universe is only a manifestation of Pure Consciousness. This pure Consciousness manifest as the Universe with five basic principles called the Pancha Bhootas. The five principal laws of Manifestation of Consciousness into matter are the Pancha Bhootas.  These  five principles has nine aspects of expression in this Universe,  the Navagrahas. Therefore the laws of nine modes of expression are the navagrahas. The degree of expression are the twelve houses or Bhaavas or "Rashiis"..

Nakshatras. 27 of them. What do they signify?

The cyclical expression of Energy in nine forms can be divided into 12 with 30 degrees or the same 360 can be divided by 27 to get


This is an infinite figure giving a sperical dimention in a shpere.

In the earlier page we discussed that the Instinct or the "lead' to do an action  is Chandra (Moon). Chandra represent the Mind or the emotional aspect. The twenty seven attributes of emotional aspect in executing an action are represented as the 27 Nakshthras.

The Nakshatras represent the abodes into which the fruits of our labor (our Karma) is transferred and stored. The Nakshatras dispense the fruits of Karma, the highest of which is the fruit of our worship and meditation, our spiritual labor of life.

We will give more details soon about the 27 different aspects of the mind, the Nakshatras.

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