Saturn (Shani)

Saturn is given the name Ishwar (God) title among all the nine planets because of the role in the transformation of human life. Saturnic peirod is a period of  changes and transformation over a logn period of time and so it looks like it is slow.

Saturn's period is often very stressful because it is an auditing period of our actions (Karma accounts). Saturn period is like an auditing officer checking all apsects of the quality performance of the company. A periodic auditing results in a steady improvement and growth of a company. Similarly once in every 30 years there will be a period of seven and half years (Sade Sati) of intense difficulties in all areas of life. see this article

Saturn's difficult times is often feared and hated by most of the common people. However, it is Shani that indrectly helps us to learn from our mistakes in life and move forward in our evolution. Usually the affected areas are in our pride in wealth, Health, relationships etc. In summary , whenever we are egositic on our accomplishments without acknowledging the bigger part of the Cosmic community, we are given a chance to learn the reality.

All our actions tainted with the six negatives aspects like that of jealousy, pride, hatred, greed, miserness and anger all bring misery and failures in life through the Saturn's and his son Gulikan's effect.

Remedies: Chanting Shiva's name or his own aspect Hanumanji.

Sundarkand recitation is highly recommended for those who are having malefic effect during Sade Sathi or in general Saturn planet. Hanuman rescued Saturn from the prison of Ravana. So Saturn promised Hanuman that whoever chants Hanuman’s name will be freed from his influence. Please join this event and get the blessings of Lord Hanuman. Jai Sita Raam. (Click here to read the symbolism of Sundarkand that helps in our inner evolution and avoid miseries in future)

This has the link to the text that will be recited on the event in a musical form with tons of devotion.

Shaneeswara Kavach like mantras also do help (please check this link).

Shani and Gulikan: Both Shani and his son Gulikan are the Cosmic principles that help mankind to move forward in their inner evolution towards the Cosmic liberation or Moksha.

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Are Crows Smarter Than a First-Grader?

Shani Stories

Shani Birth story- version 1

Shani Birth story- version 2

Shani Birth story- version 3 (T V Serial)

Shani Birth story- part-2-Version-3 (T V Serial)

1st Epi – Shani 7th November 2016 Written Episode   1.found the solution to Indra’s problem! She looks at the potion keenly. Vishwakarma remarks that this potion can make anyone take the avatar of anyone whom you point it at. 

2. Shiva says-We are trying to build the world yet you are fighting here.

3. The giant monster (Dambnaad) says Mahadev is a Lord after all. He too will side with Gods. Mahadev angrily holds his trident but then stops. Someone else will decide what is just and unjust or what sin is or not. An energy will be born on earth soon who will punish everyone depending on their karmas. This war is over till then!

4. Chhaya starts at sunrise and ends at sunset. Don’t come near my son after sunrise. You aren’t Sandhya but Chhaya. Stay away from my husband’s shadow also. Chhaya agrees to abide by her wish.

5. Brahma Dev, Mahadev and Vishnu Dev create a power together. It will have nothing to do with anyone. He will take birth in Surya Dev’s house only.

6. Tear falls down from Lord Vishnu’s eyes.  Lord Vishnu says the one who has to light the world has to burn. The one who has to do justice has to go through lots of injustices. Mahadev reasons that it is bound to happen.

7. Surya Dev tells Chhaya to take their son away from his eyes. You are characterless! Eclipse happens. Surya Dev screams out in anger. Surya Dev curses his son. He will die the moment even one of my rays fall on him. Chhaya leaves palace on a horse. 



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