Legends Connected With Lord Ganesha

How Ganesha Wins the Mango

Once  the great sage Narada approached Lord Shiva and Parvathi to hand over them a rare Mango fruit of Knowledge. Since the fruit cannot be parted and given as a whole, he decided to give the fruit to the one who deserved it. So Shiva asked his sons Kartikeya and Ganesha to circle the world and return in a sort of a competition to see who would finish first. Kartikeya quickly took off on his peacock, but Ganesha  walked around Shiva and Parvati. He explained that to him, his parents were the world and so circumbulating them would obviously mean circling around the world . Pleased with the thought, Shiva granted the fruit to Ganesha. Kartikeya alias Muruga got angry left everything and stood in Palani hills to get the diving knowledge.

Symbolism behind the story
     Knowledge of the Self, is whole and cannot be parted. It is got through inquiry and Sage Narada (read the link) represents the inquiring mind.Shiva and Parvathi (Energy and Awareness) is the mother and Father of all creation. Muruga is like the Modern scientific approach of unraveling the mystery by researching the physical world. Ganesha is smart and does correct approach of   transcending to the Awareness  state (going around Shiva and Parvathi).

Kubera and Ganesha story:

Kubera, the god of wealth was very proud of his fortune. One day he organized a huge dinner in which Shiva and Parvati along with their son Ganesha were also present.

    Ganesha started eating and became greedy for more. He emptied the dishes and plates of other guests also. Still not satisfied he started eating the plates, furniture and all the contents of Alakapuri, the main city of Kubera.

     Frightened the god of wealth rushed towards Shiva’s feet to take his help. The remedy was very simple: Shiva gave his son a handful of roasted cereal grains. Ganesh ate it and his hunger stopped immediately.

Symbolism behind the story

Fire represents knowledge. Only when we have all the desires filtered through the fire of knowledge, can we satiate our hunger towards wealth. Wealth is needed for life, not wealth alone does not fulfill life. We should understand the importance of wealth through the spiritual knowledge, then we know how to use it for fulfillment of life and happiness. 

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