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Best Healers of Kerala

karuna Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Center
Paliyil Madom ,Kayarumpara,Ottapalam PO
Palakkad Dist 
Kerala ,India . pin :679103
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Swami Nirmalananda Giri Maharaj - Introduction to Ayurveda

Best Healer for Diseases in Kerala


Pavithran Vaidyar 91 94473 20980 - Best for Fire Burns - Kerala. He has healed so many patients with such love and care and very affordable because he is doing as a service

Subramanyam Vaidyar

Sreenivasan Vaidyar  Wyanad 94478 59004‬. 

Dhanvanthiran Vaidyar

Vijayakumar Vaidyar Thrissoor

Anil Vaidik

Mohanan vaidyar  -

Kirathan Vaidyar


Tamil Nadu





Arshanadam Narendra Bhooshan Vedaprakash  


English Journals

Rediscovering Nano drug delivery systems in Ayurvedic lipid based formulations

Purification of Guggul by Ayurvedic process (Shodhana), estimation of Guggulsterone E & Z before and after purification by HPLC analysis


shashtika pinda swedam


Siddha Hospitals

Autism and Muscular Dystrophy -  Siddha Hospital - 256, Tiruchendur Rd, Murugankurichi, Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu 627002, India

Phone: +91 462 257 2738

Ayurveda Hospitals

Namaste dear friends, information’s are always vital. Usually lack of information at the right time eventually leads to loss of both money and precious time. For e.g., a relative of mine was suffering from psoriasis and because of this we ended up spending lakhs of money in its treatment for 2-3 years. But then, it would heal temporarily and later it would come up again.

After doing a research, I found national Institute of panchakarma near Shornoor in Palakkad which is equipped with free treatment for psoriasis. Along with that, special treatments are available for arthritis related diseases as well as stroke. It is a research hospital of Ayush. He availed the treatment there and surprisingly and the disease was completely cured within just 28 days free of cost. And even the travel expenses were handled by the hospital management.

Ayush a bharatheeya chikitsa is held in different districts. But stated information is only held at Thrissur district.

I want to share another information, couples without children spend lakhs of rupees for the infertility treatment. At District Homoeopathic Hospital, a treatment methodology called as Seethalayam provides us infertility treatment for just Rs 10 per month.

There is an Ayurveda government hospital for marma treatment in Kerala. It is in Kanjiramkulam, Trivandrum.

Government Ayurveda Mental Hospital at Kottakkal is the only one Ayurveda hospital in Kerala.

Few schemes were put forward by ayur mission in thrissur district. These include:

1. *Ayushyam*-a scheme for lifestyle diseases like diabetes, BP, thyroid and their treatments. And this scheme is available at. government Ayurveda hospital, Azhikode. Ph no;0480-2817944

2. *Drishti*- a scheme for the school children with visual impairments. Usually we take our children to doctors and get them glasses if they have weak eyesight. And this eventually leads to weakening of eyesight other than its recovery. So we have got Ayurveda eye treatments to find solutions to any kind of visual disabilities. This scheme is available at hospitals like rama varma district ayurveda hospital Thrissur and also at government Ayurveda hospital irinjalakuda. Ph no (irinjalakuda hospital): 0480-2820190

3. *Snehadhaara*: a scheme for bedridden patients with any kind of disease. This is not an Alopathic treatment and hence we can reduce the side effects of the medications. This facility is available at government ayurveda hospital anthikad. Ph no. 0487-2272750. This scheme is also available at govt ayurveda dispensary, avinissery and govt ayurveda dispensary mulloorkara.

4. Diseases like piles are common these days and we end up doing surgeries. But it seems that a single surgery isnt enough. Coming to ayurveda, we have a surgery named *ksharasutram* and agnikarma and ksharakarma. Yoga and ksharasutram reduces the chance of its recurrence. The operation can be carried even on diabetic patients too and it takes only a day's rest. This surgery is less expensive and is available at Government ayurveda hospital chelicerae. Ph no: 0488-4254163. This facility is also available at Rama varma district Ayurveda hospital thrissur.

5. Nowadays the problem of infertility has become so common. A solution to this is *prasoojithanthram*, an Ayurvedic treatment available at cheap rate compared to Allopathic treatments. Checkups and treatments for pregnant women, post-delivery care and several gynae issues are also dealt in this scheme. This facility is available at government Ayurveda hospital villidam. Ph no: 0487 320290.

Kaumara Brithyam
It’s a specialty clinic for adolescence where the treatments available all the teenage related problems .
Government Ayurveda hospital Allur

Liver Specialty hospital
Liver diseases are increasing these days due to alcoholism ,life style changes and all ,thsese are few hospitals specially for testing and treating liver problems free of cost.
Ramavarma district hospital Thrissur
Government Ayurveda hospital Anthikad
Government Ayurveda hospital Guruvayur,
Government Ayurveda hospital Irijalakuda

nt Ayurveda hospital Puthencheri for dealing with age related problems ( geriatric )

Jothirghamaya to watch over prisoners health and Central Jail Veeyur is running one .

Srerama madam girls higher secondary school Purnattukara
Sredurgavilasam higher secondary school Peramangalam,

For all type of skin problems especially Psoriasis, Eczema are very difficult to treat and many are suffering with this , these are few hospitals dealing with skin diseases .
Ramavarma district hospital Thrissur
Government Ayurveda hospital Anthikad
Government Ayurveda vishavaidhya Hospital Madakathara
Government Ayurveda hospital Vadakanchery
Government Ayurveda Hospital Valapad

Varnyam for female skin problems like acne, excess hair growth etc
Government Ayurveda Hospital Irinjalakuda.

For urinary system related problems
Government Ayurveda hospital Annamannada

For motor-neuron diseases like parkinsonism

For mental diseases like depression, anxiety etc

Ramavarma district hospital for Ophthalmic problem
Ayush wellness center for introducing Yoga and naturopathy for the community.
Government Ayurveda dispensary Kariyannur

Kerala Institute of Sports Ayurveda research center
The first Ayurveda sports hospital in Asia, is a 50 bedded hospital with marma & pancha karma treatment,rakthamoksham, physiotherapy, massage therapy etc.

There are many other specialty clinics in all districts ,you can find the one near by your place running under Ayush for cost free treatment without any side effects. - From Kirathan VS - Translated by Arya Ramankutty



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