Pookula Legiyam


Pookula lehiyam is a traditional recipe of kerala given to post-partum women to strengthen their backbone and all the tissues of the body. A pregnant mother donates all her nutrients for making of the body of the child. The depleted nutrients in the mother is replenished with the nutrients of a coconut tree's "Pookula".

    Pookula is the whole bunch of flowers of a coconut tree which would yield tens of coconuts. Consuming one pookula bunch would give ample nutrients that would strengthen the body of the mother which would give long lasting health for the mother. This would prevent and also cure back pain usually post-partum mothers suffer from. Many diseases are also prevented and tones the whole body of the mother. Modern women who ignores these healthy steps would often end up falling sick.

Reead about how post delivery care is important.

Preparation: This can be taken after two weeks after delivery or can be taken even few months after delivery. If taken after few months after delivery, it is best to do first Castor oil and Gallnut (cleansing)  before consuming  this recipe. Do not do castor oil cleansing after delivery. Do only after couple of  months. Consuming this herbal medicine after doing castor oil cleansing ensures better absorption of nutrients and the health components. Allow two to three days after castor oil cleansing  to consume the medicine.

   Take a glass of water and stand before the coconut tree to in your mind ask permission from the tree to allow to use its flower-bunch (Pookula) [Thennam palai in Tamil] for strengthening your body. thank the tree for its healing power and pour water on its base. Then remove one very tender flower bunch. The inside when snipped with hands should break very easily. If it is rigid then it is too matured flower bunch.

   Grind in a blender (mixi) or in a grinding stone the tender flowers with as little as water possible. Then strain the whole mixture and squeeze out the as much liquid possible. Drink the whole liquid which is very astringent in taste. Drinking in empty stomach in the morning is the best way to absorb all the nutrients in this extract. After drinking lie down on the left side for at least one hour. It is natural to feel heaviness of head.

   If you have a tendency to vomit, then have a very light breakfast early in the morning. After 3 hours around nine or ten in the morning drink the extract. If it is not possible to drink the whole one and half glass of extract, then split into two times, one in the morning after 3 hours of breakfast and , three hours after lunch.

   The pulp after squeezing the extract can then be mixed with coconut milk extracted from one fresh coconut and also small quantity of st Palm-Jaggery (best choice) or cane-Jaggery)  , two or three teaspoons of jeera powder (cumin seeds powder), two or 3 spoons of ginger powder, five to 10 pods of powdered cardamom pods. Put in a pan and heat in a low flame continuously  till it thickens. You may add half a tea-cup of rice flour [powdered rice] to thicken the mixture. Then store in fridge and eat it three times a day as much as possible and finish in less than 3 or 5 days. Eat after the chillness has gone. Eat after the food.

   Please sleep without a pillow stretching your back for atleast 41 nights to completely cure back ache and pain.

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