Pregnancy Exercises


Just eating healthy food alone is not enough during pregnancy. Because of mere laziness tend to avoid exercises. Taking too much of rest is not good. Sleeping in afternoons should be avoided. Without exhausting oneself, all  house hold chores should be done. Lifting moderate heavy things are  allowed.  Not lifting anything is giving too much caution which again is  also not good.


Tips to have a healthy pregnancy and an easy delivery
1) To-be mother should always sit down on the floor and if possible with the two legs folded. This enhances the fitness of the back muscles. Even when she happens to sit on a chair it is recommended to fold the legs.
2) In connection to the above, always use the Indian style toilet. Or mimic the indian style in the western toilet. These have two benefits - one is higher chances of natural vaginal delivery and the baby will get a good shape and features. 
3) Lower abdomen pain during pregnancy or bleeding or spotting: : Kurunthoti ver kashayam. Break the kurunthoti ver into pieces, make kashayam along with Saranaver and sukku.Starting from seventh month onwards - weekly twice, eightth month weekly thrice and nineth month every alternate case of inavailablity of the above herbs,  Roast 1/4 teaspoon of organic jeeragam and add to half glass of water. Do this for 3-4 days and stop  

Pancha Bhoota Yoga

Yoga: Some yoga exercises are good. Those that for the hands and legs are good. Yoga which does not give too much pressure on the abdomen should be avoided. Otherwise Yoga is good to bring mind body co-ordination.

Must read pdf of this ancient child care

  More modern research shows how Exercising To End Of Pregnancy Is Healthy For Baby And Mother. Click to read.

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