Ashwini  Aswini Mudhra - to have normal delivery 

This is an excellent simple exercise to have normal delivery. Do this after 4th Month of pregnancy till the labor day. This exercise is given to the anal (anus) muscles. 
" Ashwini"  in sanskrit refers to Horse. Horse always does this mudhra, if one observes its anus. To do this specific exercise to anal muscles, hold and release the anal muscles. This is done when one passes urine and hold the anal muscles. Hold the anal muscles as if ready to pass urine and then relax the muscle. Its very simple to do. To make it clear, this exercise is not to force bowel movements or urine. If you are doing this incorrectly you will pass urine or stools.

    This can be done while sitting on floor or chair or in any comfortable place. This gives excellent exercise to the anal muscles which influences the vaginal muscles indirectly. Do this at least 10 to 30 minutes. Whenever sitting in a comfortable place this exercise can be done. When delivery is nearing (after 9th Month) do this more frequently to ease labor.

    More updates will be done every month. Meanwhile feel free to ask questions.

Pancha Bhoota Surya Namaskar

The above video is from the DVD "Pancha Bhoota Treatment Principles"


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