General diet plan during pregnancy 


As we have discussed in Pancha bhoota "Earth" about healthy foods, all foods have their own nutritional values. It is therefore wise to eat all fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes etc. This is the best way to achieve balanced nutrition. We do not personally recommend to use multivitamin capsules. instead get the nutrition from natural food. My wife  in her pregnancy did not use any vitamin supplements instead ate a well balanced food. If a pregnant women has any problem taking well balanced food then it is better for her to use the food supplements in capsule forms.

    Eating unrefined whole foods is very good than eating refined foods like white rice, white wheat and white sugar. Having high blood sugar values and gestational diabetes causes lots of risk for babies health during delivery and also after. This article shows that Mothers' High Normal Blood Sugar Levels Place Infants At Risk For Birth Problems. This is why we suggest mothers to get pregnant with a healthy body and not start healthy practices after getting pregnant.

Banana flowers good during pregnancy and in lactation to increase milk

Whole Foods

Do not eat less or more

Most recent medical research shows that the Diabetes Before Motherhood More Than Doubled In Six Years and also the fact that the Mothers' High Normal Blood Sugar Levels Place Infants At Risk For Birth Problems.

    One of the major cause for any complication in the pregnancy is because pre-preparation before pregnancy. Before we invite guest to home we cleanse our home not after they arrived. it is more stressful to do that. Similarly couples  do not realize that the pre-planning steps are very important before pregnancy to prevent lot of complications.

    This report tells us that the Higher Maternal Sugar Levels Increases Risk Of Childhood Obesity.  There is another side which modern science is slowly understanding that mothers giving birth to babies more than 6 to 7 pounds are not normal. The excess weight gain is because of excess sugar levels in the mother's body. At the same time baby weight less than 5 pounds is very unhealthy too.

     The fact that too much and too little weight is not only bad for baby's future health but also for the mother during pregnancy. Read this article that says the Too Much Or Too Little Weight Gain Poses Risks To Pregnant Mothers, Babies.

For many years modern scientists brainwashed the public that bigger babies are healthy. But look what they find now. the 'Bigger The Baby, The Better' Axiom Is Incorrect, New Research Suggests.  The conclusion is to eat in moderate very well balanced food and good thoughts.

Why eat organically grown foods?

    Eat foods that are grown free from harmful pesticides and herbicides chemical fertilizers. there are several studies showing that mothers exposed to these chemicals in foods have children who have various problems. here are some of the scientific studies.

Gut Bacteria

So, if mom's microbial ecosystem changes -- due to infection, stress or diet, for example -- her newborn's gut microbiome will change too, and that can have a lifetime effect." says this research.

Maternal Exposure To Persistent Organic Pollutants Linked To Urologic Conditions In Boys

Environmental Toxins May Limit Fertility In Offspring

Common Environmental Chemicals In Diet Affect Fetal Ovarian Development

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