General diet Instructions

1. Avoid refined foods and processed foods. They are devoid of fibers, nutrients and loaded with preservatives , chemicals that are flavoring, coloring and stabilizing agents.

2. Eat as much natural foods possible.

3. Eating more fruits vegetables and nuts can help even to avoid artificial vitamins and mineral supplements which are just chemicals. Instead supply everything naturally through your diet.

4. Drink 2 to 3 liters of water throughout the day to flush toxins out.

5. Do not use too much of diary products and if possible its healthy to be vegetarian.

6. Use whole grains when using carbohydrates so that you will be at high risk of getting diabetes during pregnancy. Use whole wheat and whole rice (partially polished or atleast parboiled rice).

7. Use sprouted grains and also use grouted beans and legumes.

8. Minimize intake of tea, coffee, colas and salt - instead drink herbal and fruit teas, grain coffees or dandelion coffee and diluted fruit juices, use more herbs instead of salt.

9.Avoid alcohol, sugar, processed food, food additives (especially food dyes, monosodium glutamate, aspartame), environmental pollutants, saturated and hydrogenated fat, soft cheeses, common food allergens (wheat in bread, cow's milk, citrus), and trans-fatty acids. · Organic fruits and vegetable are the best to be taken during pregnancy hence toxicity to the growing child can be avoided. Organic milk is especially good because the cows are given different kinds of drugs like antibiotics, steroids etc. They all get concentrated in milk. · Also genetically modified foods are made by in the genetic material through the help of virus genes and bacterial genes. These genes may have a chance to go the body of the mother and child. Hence organic foods are safe

10. All fruits are good except raw pineapple and raw papaya which might induce abortion. Ripe papaya and pineapple in moderate quantities will not induce abortion.


All these will decide the type of microbe that will get into the body of the baby which will decide the health of the child.

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