Morning Sickness 

Most of the pregnant women experience around the fifth week Nausea and vomiting.  To some it never occurs and to some women it continues till the day of delivery. Morning sickness (nausea and vomiting) is a very uncomfortable experience. But one has to understand that nature does everything intelligent. Vomiting is a natural mechanism of the body to throw our toxins to safe guard the growing baby. In essence it is good to vomit. Now modern research also finds evidences that morning sickness is actually a natural mechanism to safe guard the kid's health.

Researchers have found that pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness (which should really be called all-day sickness) are less likely to miscarry or have a premature birth, and their babies have fewer birth defects and may even score higher on IQ tests. Click the link to read more.

The article "Protecting Ourselves from Food: Spices and morning sickness may shield us from toxins and microorganisms in the diet " by Paul W. Sherman and  Samuel M. Flaxman published in American Scientist, March-April 2001 Volume: 89 Number: 2 Page: 142 show that morning sickness seems to be a natural mechanism to protect the fetus which rapidly grows sensitive organs around the fifth week of gestation. The researchers  found high incidence of miscarriages and genetic disorders in kids born to mothers who had never or less  morning sickness during their pregnancy.

This suggest that having morning sickness and eating antioxidants foods during pregnancy protects the developing fetus.  One is also amazed to see the ancient wisdom which recommends to eat less spicy foods during pregnancy but eat variety of herbs and spices  after child birth. This is in tune with the above research finding that spices have  natural antibiotics which not only protects the mother's body but also the new born baby who receives these anti-microbial compounds through the breast milk.  See the page "Child birth" to the ancient spicy tonics to the mother after delivery.

I even recommend to induce vomiting by drinking water early in the morning , which is easy said than done. But if women understand that it is good to throw out the toxins through the bitter tasting bile for 9 months, the kid can be of good health. Lot of abnormalities are seen in the babies born to women who take medications to stop morning sickness.  Also when women write to me about their kids having eczema and allergy problems, I understand that they had no or less morning sickness  during their  pregnancy. Ancient medicinal systems recognize morning sickness as a healthy symptom. It is very interesting to note that In India women are asked to eat sour tasting fruits like unripe mangoes. It is very interesting to see that the sour fruits are rich in vitamin C , which is one of the important vitamins to prevent genetic abnormalities.

Another observation I noticed was that women who had vomiting and who drank a lot of water throughout pregnancy did not have any pregnancy related problems like: gas, indigestion, swelling in the legs, eczema, skin rashes, gestational diabetes. No wonder their kids also had less health complications.

How does  Morning sickness help to get rid of  toxins?
You might have read in castor oil cleansing how bile secretions purifies the body. During pregnancy women vomit the very bitter tasting bile. Usually toxins are of water soluble and fat soluble in nature.  Bile is like a natural soap which can hold fat soluble toxins and so though vomiting bile the fat soluble toxins are removed from the body. Through this mechanism the blood is purified and so pure blood flows to the placenta and keeps the growing baby in a healthy environment. So try not to stop morning sickness by any unnatural means.

How to manage   Morning sickness?
Though we know the health benefit of morning sickness , it would be comfortable to keep morning sickness under control. 
  1. Drink as much water first thing in the morning and allow yourself to vomit. We find women who vomit in the morning have less nausea  rest of the day. This has helped a lot of women to effectively overcome morning sickness.
     Do not use any pills to stop morning sickness. It causes many problems in children in later stages. At same time, having long time morning sickness and not able to eat also is not good for the growth of baby. So doing water therapy in morning reduces a lot of morning sickness. Use ginger in the water and it makes it even more effective.
  2. Avoid keeping the stomach empty. Eat lot of fruits and drink fresh fruit juices.
  3. Sipping ginger juice with honey is good to prevent nausea. Make or buy ginger candies.
  4. Use ginger chutney or curry leaves chutney and or  orange peel chutneys to prevent recurrent nausea throughout the day.

How to manage weakness due to morning sickness ?o over come

  • Drink every hour or two fresh fruit juices with honey. Drink grape juice, orange, grape fruit, apple, apricots, strawberry etc. This would nourish the body with all vitamins and supplements that the body needs.
  • This will also help to overcome weakness.
  • Soak 5 or 10 almonds overnight. Next day wash with fresh water and put them in a blender and sugar and water and make a juice. This is excellent drink because it supplies calcium, copper and other nutrients for the mother.
  • For snacks keep munching dates, dried figs, prunes, raisins which would cure weakness.


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